​Alpha Innova Review the Shocking Truth About Graduate Employment

After a recent article by the Telegraph revealed how a huge number of graduates are struggling to find adequate work opportunities, Alpha Innova has shared why working within the direct marketing industry could be the answer graduates are looking for.

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Recent research that found that over 50,000 new graduates are in non-graduate jobs including factory workers, retail assistants and hospital porters is calling into question the true value of costly university degrees. The research carried out by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) also revealed that the number of graduates going on to pursue further studies has hit a record high, due to the difficulties in the current graduate jobs market.

The HESA research suggests that today’s graduates are doing whatever it takes to avoid unemployment. However whilst graduates may be keen to get a foot in the door in the jobs market, taking jobs that are unrelated to their field of study or which do not require their specialist skills sets could have disastrous effects. Direct marketing specialists and leaders in professional development, Alpha Innova are concerned that many graduates may become ‘stuck’ in low level jobs and find taking a position unrelated to their studies may hinder their chances of moving forward with their careers. Many of the roles graduates are being forced to take rarely offer any real career progression or opportunity to learn new skills that can then be transferred to future job opportunities. However, what may turn out to be more damaging is that working in a low level role could harm a graduate’s drive and pursue their desired field and cause them to lose faith in the jobs market.

Alpha Innova are worried that whilst many young people consider university to be a sure fire step to professional success, the actual value of a university degree may be falling. With the average graduate leaving university with £44,000 of student loan debt since tuition fees were raised, the firm are calling into question whether companies are doing enough to support the younger workforce and make their investments into their professional future worthwhile.

Alpha Innova believe it to be of the upmost importance that both large and small enterprises take a serious look at how they can help graduates thrive and review what kind of opportunities they can provide to the graduate workforce. Alpha Innova already offer great opportunities to graduates and have built their business model around helping young people develop into successful leaders and business owners within the sales and marketing industry. Alongside their daily responsibilities of providing quality customer service and running successful marketing campaigns, graduates working with Alpha Innova are able to take part in mentoring opportunities, business seminars, inspiring skills workshops and travel to networking events across the UK.

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​Alpha Innova Review the Shocking Truth About Graduate Employment