Allye Launches Battery Solutions to Help Ensure Successful Energy Transition – Cuts Energy Costs by up to 50%: Balance Grid and Drive Affordability

News provided by Allye Energy on Tuesday 20th Jun 2023

  • A new distributed energy start-up, Allye, launches smart energy systems to ensure that the energy transition is affordable and accessible to help support the grid, accelerating decarbonisation and lowering bills for customers
  • Allye provides distributed energy storage (ESS) at the grid edge, with the aim to electrify every business and home, lowering energy costs by up to 50% through a democratic platform allowing greater access to clean, green, renewable energy – creating a sustainable community at scale
  • Allye will develop a range of intelligent battery systems for industrial, commercial and residential markets, with first systems for industrial users in Q3 2023, targeting a total installed capacity of over 2GWh
  • A common technology platform with cloud-based software intelligence using machine learning to optimise when energy is stored or distributed, easing the strain on the grid and driving down household energy bills

London 20/06/2023: On the eve of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW 2023), Allye, an innovate technology company, has launched its new smart battery technology platform to accelerate the clean energy transition in collaboration with the entire energy grid, by providing greater flexibility, resiliency and inclusivity at local scale and community level to help the end consumer.

As society accelerates towards a lower carbon, sustainable future, the energy system, and its stakeholders – generators, transmission, distribution and the system operator need greater support. The grid requires greater flexibility to balance the electricity network and avoid capacity constraints. Step in Allye.

Jonathan Carrier, co-founder and CEO, Allye:

“We want to be an ally to the grid network, to support the decarbonisation of the power system and deliver a step change in the digitalisation of electricity supply and demand. We believe our energy storage systems enable disruption with collaboration, driving efficiency across the value chain so that everyone can benefit resulting in significant savings for all, especially the end user. 

“Our software-enabled hardware provides the grid with greater flexibility at a local level, by considering our systems as a collective, how they work together as a community to provide benefits for all. Our technology goes beyond the storage of clean energy off-peak, to the intelligence needed to dispatch power when and where it’s needed at peak times. We want to work with the grid at a national and regional level to provide greater flexibility, automation and services that alleviate network capacity constraints and reduce the billions in investment required to meet the demands of a fully electric and net zero future. We believe there’s another way”.

Power systems across Europe are rapidly decarbonising. During Q1 2023 in the UK, wind generated more electricity than gas for the first time. However, increased renewable generation leads to a greater risk of imbalance between supply and demand. This can lead to curtailment and higher costs to the grid by generating electricity from gas. At the same time, the electricity grid needs ‘tens of billions’ in upgrades and investment to support the expected increased demand in electricity to power heat pumps and electric vehicles so society can meet net zero goals.

Collectively the grid needs an Allye; smart technology and distributed batteries deployed at scale to realise a change in the system. Allye will work across the entire electricity system to provide automated demand side response, increased flexibility, and range of services to deliver behind-the-meter ESS at scale, so the whole system can benefit and drive down electricity costs for end users.

Despite the drop in wholesale gas prices, many businesses and residential consumers are yet to experience lower bills. The energy crisis has hit everyone hard, emphasising the need to switch to renewable energy. And matters won’t get any better soon. According to Jonathan Brearley, the Chief Executive of Ofgem, "In the medium term, we're unlikely to see prices return to the levels we saw before the energy crisis.” The National Grid is also reporting that British households will have to cut energy use again in winter. Allye believes this situation isn’t sustainable.

Through its intelligent energy platform and distributed battery systems, Allye will help drive down energy bills by up to 50%* for factories, businesses, the high street and eventually all types of homes while supercharging the transition to renewable energy [*based on modelling and depending on the end user’s energy tariff]. Allye’s smart solutions will ensure an affordable and successful energy transition for all while empowering energy security and independence.

Allye Energy has been founded by Jonathan Carrier, Jack Levy and Lorenzo Bergamaschi who bring a wealth of experience in product development, systems engineering and battery technology from the automotive industry having worked at the likes of Arrival, McLaren and Jaguar Land Rover.

Decarbonisation of the energy system and greater flexibility of our electricity grid is a global challenge for which the team at Allye are developing global solutions, while reaffirming the UK as a leader in renewable energy and digital green technologies.

“Energy storage is the missing piece of the jigsaw alongside renewable generation. Allye will be an enabler for the energy transition, supporting the grid and helping businesses and households access cleaner, cheaper energy. A unique ‘energystorage-as-a-service’ business model makes our systems affordable for every type of business and home. We need batteries at scale to drive down costs while maximising benefits for grid operators and DNOs through flexibility,” added Carrier.


About Allye:

Allye provides distributed energy storage at the grid edge working in partnership with electricity network to accelerate decarbonisation of the grid while helping commercial and residential customers to lower energy costs by up to 50%.

Our smartly designed energy storage systems reimagine how batteries are connected, distributed and used. Flexible and modular, our batteries are self-learning, intelligently managed via the cloud to maximise cycle life and arbitrage on electricity prices.

Using digital twins, we deploy machine learning and AI to optimise behaviour and performance as a collective of assets, to deliver benefits at an individual level to the end user and the energy network at a system level.

Our vision

An energy ally to the electricity grid, the consumer and the planet to realise positive system change through distributed batteries at scale.

Our mission

To make battery energy storage more accessible and flexible for every business and every home

We exist, for you

We believe in energy democracy for everyone. We want to provide every business and household with a better way to access cleaner, cheaper energy and help protect the planet. We have the power to help people all over the world to store and distribute clean, low-cost electricity wherever and whenever they need it.

We will give individuals and businesses the power to lower their electricity costs while enabling them to play an active role in the energy transition. Our intelligent energy storage solutions will help the world accelerate the shift to renewables, promoting local resiliency, supporting businesses, communities, and society access green energy.

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