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As we watch our species roll through the 21st century, nuclear winter, climate catastrophe and the unsustainability of the neo-liberal lines upon the world map, many are drawn to question the power structures that caused this struggle in the first place, in search for better understanding of what we are. We all know how things work up to a point but, after all, who pays the price for all of it? This necessary question is posed by the prolific musical and lyrical mind of Allan Franzner, a young 18 year old, in his musical debut and multi-medium art piece "Who Pays The Price?".

The album, to be released on April 30th, runs through the angsts and fears of our collective humanity, predicted by the endless struggles for material possessions over absolutely everything else, keeping humanity sheltered from progress. Musically, interconnected one hour of cutting edge musical productions, single-handedly made by Allan. He takes it all onto himself and creates ethereal, psychedelic and cinematic pop symphonies, with guitars here and there, and a very hybrid sound, experimental and full of his left-wing politically charged lyrical content.

There's also a full-feature film coming out on the same day, done with his creative direction. Available on April 30th in completion. it will be made available only on ATF15 (web, IOS and Android), an exclusive streaming platform, and made unavailable on major streaming services like Spotify, in resistance to the detrimental rates that the music business pays artists, and to the struggles of all of the working class.

In Allan's own words: "A couple of arcs wrap up the whole thing, there's the one of alien perspective, the one of "the diamond bearer killed the whale" which I keep on hinting at, and it basically means that rich people and politicians are detrimental in ways that are direct, but ordered and with no need for their physical involvement, and also of course the main question: who pays the price? Who pays the price for this rigged scam of a society. And the answer is: the underdog, everybody but the ruling class in bigger or smaller ways. Everybody but the owners."


1. Intro

2. Breaking Through

3. Another Symptom Is A Star

4. Clinging To The Great Machine

5. Sometime The Crook Is But A Memory

6. Droning Certainty

7. Anyways

8. Meddle

9. That Alien Too Could Be An Anchor

10. And Then The Kid Drowned By The Shore

11. A Fading Bore

12. Price Is Pay, Price Is High

13. The Flower Blooms

14. IResist

15. The World Remains The Same

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