All Engineering BV and M2Tech SRL form new company to leverage expertise in digital to analog conversion and to provide M2Tech with a global distribution, sales and marketing platform

Eindhoven, December 12th, 2018. ALL Engineering BV, a privately held company and innovator in the field of non-oversampling digital to analog conversion, in short DAC, known for its critically acclaimed brand name Metrum Acoustics™, and M2Tech SRL a privately held company headquartered in Pisa, Italy have announced the formation of a new company to provide M2Tech SRL with a global distribution, sales and marketing e-commerce platform in order to continue growth.

The new company called M2Tech Audio BV will bring the M2Tech SRL products to market, making sure that that consumers and outlets around the world are served timely and adequate.

The product lines of both Metrum Acoustics™ and M2Tech SRL will remain separate and marketed under their own renowned brand names, yet with the improved and new company setup the potential for cross engineering will be explored.

M2Tech SRL are pioneers in the field of digital streaming, renowned for their OEM modules, used in numerous of third-party audio equipment around the world. The knowledge available, as seen in the current Rockstars product line up of M2Tech will be a great addition to All Engineering BV, not only for its Metrum Acoustics™ brand but also for other, not yet publicly announced developments.

Metrum Acoustics™ is globally recognized by pro- (DJ’s producers, artists) and consumers, and has its own distinguished non-oversampling sound, whereas M2Tech has its own unique oversampling approach. Having both brands and their respective product lines under one roof, provides clients of both companies with even more choices when finding the right Digital to Analog converter, power amplifier or digital streamer for enjoying digital music.

With the formation of M2Tech Audio BV under the roof of All Engineering BV, the company has two of the leading authorities and visionaries in the field of Digital to Analog conversion in house, both MR. Cees Ruijtenberg of Metrum Acoustics™ and MR. Marco Manunta of M2Tech SRL. The respective gentlemen are known for their expertise and are pioneers in the field of digital streaming.

MR. Anjo De Heus, CEO of All Engineering BV quotes: "With the adoption of M2Tech products and the team behind the company, we feel stronger and more equipped to counter the ever-changing challenges in the digital audio industry. Having such authorities working in the company fills me with pride, yet more importantly we can give pro- and consumers a broader selection of products, whereas the product lines will remain their own identity.

About Metrum Acoustics™

Metrum Acoustics™, All-Engineering BV is a leading manufacturer of a well-formed range of Digital to Analogue converters, Digital Pre-Amplifiers and Power Amplifiers. A brand of ALL-Engineering B.V., Metrum Acoustics™ has continuously made waves in the national and international press with the unique non-oversampling sound of its Digital to Analog Converters, in short DACs.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company started to expand as of 2017, in a market which is growing year over year because of growing enthusiasm and adoption of streaming music offerings from iTunes, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, SiriusXM, Roon and many other digital streaming platforms. Converting data into an analogue signal is the name of the game for digital music systems. So, plugging in a dedicated DAC can only improve things right and makes listening a true joy.

Today Metrum Acoustics™ is a brand of a fast-growing company, endorsed by artists, producers, DJ’s and used by many individual clients around the world, and with an ever-growing product line which continues to make waves. Today the company has its headquarters in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and subsidiaries in the United States of America and India. The team behind Metrum Acoustics™ is seasoned, experienced and knows how to create a leading brand.

About M2Tech

M2Tech mission is to design equipment to enjoy music at its best. The quality of the sound is fundamental to fully appreciate music, because the perception of the musical nuances in a musical performance, as well as the correct delivery of all the environmental sonic information that make the signature of the venue in which music is played and recorded, contribute to the emotional side of music listening. And music is all about emotions. When we design a circuit, or a PCB, or write a firmware, we see beyond the mere mechanical exercise: for us, using a CAD or a software development tool is like being in front of a canvas with the brush in one hand and the palette in the other one, totally lost in the creative process. Because we love what we do, and we feel that there’s more to a hi-fi piece of equipment than just a collection of electronic parts and a metal case.

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More information about the respective companies can be found at the website of the new M2Tech Audio BV website,, and on the website of Metrum Acoustics™ at

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