AlBeeNa launch ground-breaking apitherapeutic store in UK

Premium bee product company, AlBeeNa have launched their UK store, announcing fresh bee pollen as one of their pioneering products.

Working with dedicated beekeepers and the best researchers, AlBeeNa are leading the industry through their high-quality beekeeping and apitherapeutic products.

Fresh bee pollen is a valuable and highly nutritious substance, with AlBeeNa using only healthy bees in unpolluted areas with plenty of spontaneous flora. These bees collect pollen from the flowers before returning to the hive. In AlBeeNa’s apiary, beekeepers collect the pollen from the bees, which are in the form of granules. Within a day of collection, this bee pollen is stored in the freezer, keeping it fresh as it does not freeze due to its low water composition. It can also be dried, enabling pollen granules to be stored at room temperature for two years, in various forms including powder and capsules.

Bee pollen is one of the most nutritionally rich foods on the planet, boasting incredible therapeutic properties.

The first form of fresh bee pollen is polyfloral, gathered from a variety of different flowers. Providing vitamins and energy, polyfloral bee pollen works to increase endorphins and work as an antidepressant. Other benefits include improving overall health, healing the skin, helping the memory and nourishing eye cells. It is commonly used to help health conditions, fight infection or even help weight loss.

The second type of fresh bee pollen available is hawthorn. Using the pollen from only hawthorn flowers, this fresh bee pollen works to regulate heart rate and blood pressure. Lowering cholesterol, increasing stamina and helping the entire cardiovascular system, there are countless benefits of consuming AlBeeNa’s hawthorn fresh bee pollen.

In addition to helping people to live a healthier life, consuming bee products also helps to support the beekeeping industry and encourage the continued survival of the bee species.

AlBeeNa’s expansion into the UK market has enabled those throughout the UK to benefit from many of the best quality beekeeping products, with bee pollen bringing countless health benefits and cures to many commonly found medical issues.

Co-founder of AlBeeNa, George, said: “The fresh bee pollen is the most nutritionally complete food with over 23 amino acids, 33 minerals, over 100 enzymes and coenzymes and 25% proteins in its composition. It is so complex that we should eat it every day!”

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AlBeeNa launch ground-breaking apitherapeutic store in UK