Akashic Ventures Release Statement on Shifting from Employee to Entrepreneur

Offering self-starter opportunities, Akashic Ventures has recognised that making the move from an employee way of thinking to that of an entrepreneur is incredibly difficult. However, the firm believes it to be a vital step when seeking long-term success.

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The Leeds-based Event marketing and sales firm, Akashic Ventures work with many young professionals to help them reach their potential and take control of their development. The company has found that many of the professionals they work with are new to the self-starter concept and have never been in a position that requires them to take full control of their own success and progression.

This observation has now led Akashic Ventures to acknowledge the difficulties in moving from an employee outlook to that of an entrepreneur or freelancer who has more control of their responsibilities, actions and success.

The firm has now released a statement that has outlined the differences between entrepreneurs and employees and how people can shift more quickly.

You’re responsible for all decisions - good and bad - Akashic Ventures believe that all aspiring entrepreneurs are gifted with a unique and incredible opportunity to manifest their ideas into fruition in a way that would not be possible if they worked for someone else. However, the firm states that to this, entrepreneurs need to be prepared to make difficult decisions on specific actions that need to be taken. The firm is now advising entrepreneurs to develop a sense of urgency to achieve their goals and understand that some opportunities may not come around often so immediate action must be taken to succeed.

You need to hold both short and long-term visions simultaneously - Akashic Ventures has explained that one of the main differences between being an employee and entrepreneur is that employees are mostly responsible for completing set tasks within a set period. However, entrepreneurs need to be forward-thinking and continually aim to foresee potential opportunities and damaging risks. The firm suggests that individuals become accustomed to the fact that their action or inaction today may have future repercussions on their business.

Feeling uncomfortable is your new ‘comfort zone.’ - Developing a thick skin, remaining focused and tenacious and maintaining positivity after rejections or external doubt are all qualities that Akashic Ventures believe entrepreneurs need to have to separate themselves from the typical employee mentality.

Learning is a continuous journey - All employees have a set job description and are required to have a particular skill set. However, Akashic Ventures believe that successful entrepreneurs need always to aim to develop their skill set and learn from a variety of industries outside of their own, which in turn reduces outsourcing costs.

Love your business, but be objective - Akashic Ventures understand that many employees remain in jobs they are unhappy in or feeling unfulfilled for the sake of a steady salary. However, the firm believes that it is imperative for entrepreneurs to love their business due to the amount of effort and long hours that will be required to make it successful. The firm state that as a result, entrepreneurs should not fall into the trap of acting like an employee within their own business and should always be aiming to work on the business rather than in it.

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Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234894

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