Akashic Ventures: “Accelerate Your Career by Improving Industry Integrity”

Integrity is often a misunderstood and misused term within business, and for this reason, Akashic Ventures have been investigating the true meaning of the word.

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Integrity means adhering to a moral code, reflected in transparency, honesty and harmony, through the actions and thoughts of a person. Integrity should be the basic building blocks upon which a business is built. Leeds-based direct sales and marketing specialists, Akashic Ventures, recognise that this is not always as easy as it sounds but insists improving integrity allows other important ingredients such as trust to manifest to a business’s customer base.

Acting without integrity is a killer in the world of business and as many company have learnt, they are more likely to successfully connect with consumers when they appear transparent and demonstrate consistent integrity. In business, integrity is a critical trait all successful leaders should possess in abundance. Leaders who can demonstrate this quality are guaranteed to shine and pave the wave for like-minded others.

This week, Akashic Ventures are urging aspiring entrepreneurs to “Improve their Integrity in the Interest of Accelerating their Career,” providing their workforce with these top five tips:

  • Act with integrity even if it requires difficult decision and hard work.
  • Fulfil your promises! Apologise if promises are not met and ensure that this does not become a habit
  • Evaluate whether you can make a commitment; get comfortable with saying no
  • Polish your communication skills and become more self-aware. It is important to be wary of sensitive issues and mindful when addressing these problems
  • Consider habits and skills which need to be developed to improve company and consumer morale

“Integrity is an important aspect of being a leader,” says an Akashic Ventures spokesperson, “It demands more than just honesty and transparency. Integrity means acting appropriately and correctly, even in unpleasant situations.”

Akashic Ventures is a Leeds based event marketing company who create dynamic and engaging spaces to meet and interact with consumers for various brands. A team of highly trained and professional contractors work to increase a customer base and promote brand awareness for client brands. In this industry, Akashic Ventures understand that integrity should not be taken lightly as clients trust the firm to represent the brand to the highest standard. As such, Akashic Ventures train their contractors who join their firm through a fully developed mentorship scheme into aspiring entrepreneurs who value integrity and desire to exceed expectations continually through self-improvement.

Source: http://www.success.com/article/9-tips-to-help-you-strengthen-your-integrity

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