Advice Watch Warns Most Homemade Virus Masks Can Be Worse Than Nothing

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, USA, April 24 -- The Advice Watch, a service of Oohub, LLC warns that a majority of instructional videos about how to make a homemade virus mask circulating throughout the internet are dangerous misrepresentations of safety and gives many persons a false sense of protection from viruses. Worse yet, though the popular phrase is: "It's better than nothing!" "Many masks, either homemade or inauthentic, can in fact be worse than nothing" says Chad Mitchell, research analyst and founder of the Advice Watch service. "What [many] people are using for masks thinking it will filter viruses is actually enhancing the viruses survival rate. In the same fashion that bath scrubber sponges are known for collecting and breeding bacteria, so too are the fabrics many people are using for virus masks. Your very breath whether through your nose or mouth provides warm bacterial moisture. Plus, the moisture helps many particles actually stick to and collect on the mask. If you think about it, it really can be the perfect breeding ground for germs, bacteria, and viruses. And then the users unwittingly end up sucking the various bacteria and germs right through their mask," continues Mitchell.

Though the CDC (Center for Disease Control of the USA) currently recommends that the general public wear "face coverings," without any specific recommendation details on such as far as the fabric type and design, the purpose of such recommendation is to help block the breath, cough, and sneezing from those who may have Covid-19 from spreading it outwards. The CDC has different regards and a different definition for medical grade facemasks, and generally recommends that the general public not wear such... "But the reason for that is in an effort to try to reserve such supplies for healthcare workers. The Advice Watch has a method to make a homemade facemask which will rival medical grade PPE facemasks without disrupting the medical community PPE supply chain. And in fact, if said supply chain falls short as it already did, healthcare workers can use this method or people can voluntarily make these masks for healthcare workers as an alternative," says Mitchell. The Advice Star Radar (Journal of the Advice Watch) provides more information and an instructional video about one way to make a legitimate virus face mask at: and video at:

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Advice Watch Warns Most Homemade Virus Masks Can Be Worse Than Nothing