Acquiconnect Launches The M&A Deal Origination Platform In Europe

Summary: Acquiconnect has come with a unique deal origination platform for business owners, sell-side M&A advisors, and investors, such as private equity and venture capital funds as well as family offices and institutional investors to carry out small and mid-cap M&A transactions in Europe. The platform aims to increase the chance of successful dealmaking by over 10x on average.

November 5, 2020, Estonia

Acquiconnect is Europe’s fastest-growing M&A deal origination platform. It helps both the investors and the sellers to carry out small to mid-cap Merger and Acquisition transactions. This deal origination platform came into force to solve the main pain of both sides of the M&A deal equation. For sellers, it is a lack of demand and problematic marketing of assets. For investors, it is an insufficiently extensive pipeline funnel. Unlike the US, the European market is very local and fragmented therefore, the sellers tend to struggle with finding a sufficient number of suitable investors for their assets while investors have to compromise on deal quality simply because they don’t have enough deals to filter.

The firm studied significant loopholes in the European M&A market. For sellers, the problem occurs because there are over 6,000 small-cap M&A investors in Europe which are spread over major economies like the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, and Nordic countries. At the same time, with a successful hit ratio of below 1% which is a golden standard for successful funds, the investors have to go through over a hundred deals to close just one. Here, Acquiconnect comes into force to help grow the network of contacts from both worlds.

According to Cecilia Braghieri, the Deal Executive for the EU region, “We at Acquiconnect understand the problems sellers and investors face while closing a deal or finding the right seller. More than 60% of deals collapse because of a lack of participants and competition. At the same time, the non-competitive processes lead to over 25% discounts on what the sellers expect to get for their businesses. This has a major impact on the sellers' interest in selling as well as the economics on the side of sell-side advisors. Since last year our Company has been actively working in the European region to help investors close the right deals and sellers to market their small-cap M&A transactions. We have almost 1,400 sellers, and 1,500 investors on our radars and we are very optimistic about the opportunities that our business might provide them with.”

Acquiconnect not only works just on the algorithms, but there are real people in the background who keep a keen eye on the M&A deals listed on the platform. “We make sure that the sellers and investors’ security and integrity are maintained on our platform. This new platform provides full confidentiality, and members are provided full control over their data. We do not share the member’s data without their manual explicit consent. Acquiconnect platform is free for sellers and sell-side advisors and also has free plans for investors and the buy-side” she further added.

Acquiconnect has been launched in November 2020. However, this M&A Deal Origination platform already works for both investors and sell-side advisors since the summer. The vendors and buyers can register in just a couple of minutes. The process is very straightforward. The vendors create an anonymous deal profile which is then distributed to the relevant buyers, and interested ones request the contact details. The seller then chooses the appropriate investors from the request and introduce the deal. Acquiconnect is changing the way M&A deals are accomplished, especially now when the markets have faced the hit from the COVID-19 lockdowns.

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