Achieve any goal using A. Innova’s how to guide

With a great work ethic, total commitment and a plan, anything is possible claims A. Innova. The Cardiff-based outsourced sales and marketing firm have shared a how-to guide to achieving any goal.

The idea of goal setting as a way to get people to achieve more at work and in life was developed in 1935 by Englishman Alec Mace - almost 80 years ago. Since then, it's been proved that sharing goals with someone will increase the chance of the goal being achieved and that people who write their goals down are 50% more likely to reach them than the people who don’t. 92% of goals set as New Year’s resolutions fail by 15th January, and 14% of people have a goal in mind, which is not written down.

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Setting a goal is easy, it’s the work that is needed to be done to achieve the goal that is the hard part, the section that most people fail on. Sales and marketing firm A. Innova believes that if people take the necessary steps to achieve their goals, then anything is possible. The firm reports the required steps that they teach their sales contractors to achieve goals:

Don't let the present dictate the future - A. Innova outlines that current circumstances are only temporary and can change very quickly. Don’t let the reality of the current circumstances block the progress towards accomplishing goals.

Set clear goals - The firm reports the importance of being able to visualise goals to achieve them. The clearer a person is on what their goal is, then the better equipped they are to reach it.

Imagine achieving the goal - A. Innova states that it is important to use this as motivation. If a person can see the result, they are more motivated and focused on getting it.

Every experience takes a person close to the goal - No experience is a wasted experience, believes A. Innova. Challenges, setbacks and successes are all necessary on the journey to achieving the dream.

A. Innova is direct marketing specialists that operate in the outsourced sales and marketing industry. The company uses face-to-face marketing techniques to drive long-lasting relationships between their client and their customers. The firm uses personalised interaction to increase customer acquisitions, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.




A.Innova is an ambitious sales and marketing agency, specialising in the event marketing channel, with offices in Liverpool and most recently Cardiff. Follow on Twitter @AInnova_ or on Facebook.

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