A new survey claims personality traits can be revealed by a person’s favourite crisp flavour

• Are nerds more inclined to dabble in the pongy flavours?
• Do the fearless prefer spicy flavours?

Research delving into the bizarre combination of personalities and flavours has found that your love for crisps can in fact define you.

The British undoubtedly are a nation of crisp lovers, munching their way through billions of bags each and every day. These range from the standard choices such as cheese & onion, salt & vinegar and plain ol’ ready salted through to newcomers such as Sweet Chilli, Flamegrilled Aberdeen Angus and Roast Ox.

The study carried out by pressat.co.uk questioned over 3,000 people, asking them a range of questions. These included questions on their job roles, how they are described by friends, what type and flavour of crisps they consume most and on average how many packets of crisps are eaten per week.

- Here’s what we found out.

Cheese & Onion - Foody? Nerdy? Wise?

So what does this pongy treat reveal about its consumers?

They are foodies, with good taste buds and a real passion for food. They over think their consumables making intelligent decisions about what they choose to eat, how it is prepared and are great in the kitchen.

Salt & Vinegar - Stressed? Anxious? Moody?

It would seem those that are lovers of salt & vinegar are described as work-o-holics that are hit hardest by the stresses and strains of everyday life.

In fact our bodies collectively generate a range of secretions including adrenaline, mineral hormone and saccharin hormone. These help keep us happy and on an even keel. However some of us cannot produce enough of each resulting in stress and anxiety. Vinegar is one of the elixirs that can help aid in their production thus making Salt & Vinegar crisps the appropriate choice for a stress free afternoon.

Ready Salted - Boring? Doesn’t like change? Depressed?

Over 60% of entrants who prefer ready salted crisps said friends describe them as boring and unexciting. The ready salted ones amongst us are a non committal group with little ambition and personality. Its the ‘safe’ option. When you chow down on a packet you know exactly what you're getting, no surprises.

It’s also a common personality trait that people with boring personalities tend to stick to their creature comforts and a plain packet of crisp is just one of them.

Sweet Chilli - Adventurous? Lively? Up for anything?

Our sweet chilli eaters have shown us that this somewhat controversial flavour defines those who have zest for life and are constantly searching for the next adrenaline rushed adventure. It seems the endorphin rich flavour does not disappoint.

So why's that? The capsaicinoids in chilli binds itself to receptors lining our mouths. The sensation caused by this leads to the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers. These give a feeling of happiness and well being.

Smoky Bacon - Brave? Confident? A man’s man

Over 75% of smoky bacon lovers were male with over half describing themselves as confident, brave and “real men”. It seems smoky bacon is the no nonsense, get the job done snack.

This possibly ties in with the hunter gatherer days with men cooking meat on the open fire. A taste that crisp manufactures have been trying to perfect for an age.

“Eating a packet of smoky bacon crisps makes you feel like a real man” said one male participant.

“Smokey all the way, I don't do none of this ready salted malarkey” said another.

Wrap up

According to pressat.co.uk “more and more of us are frequently consuming crisps, not only because its an age old snack but because it can supplement a quick and convenient meal. With so many of us eating crisps on a regular basis trends and similarities do quickly start to appear.

Time to think twice before you choose your next packet.


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3,000 Men & Women were surveyed through Facebook’s advertising platform.
Survey carried out by Pressat.co.uk

Q1) What is your preferred flavour of crisps?
Q2) How would a friend best describe you as a person
Q3) What industry sector do you work in
Q4) Roughly how many packets of crisps do you consume in a week
Q4) How seriously do you take your food

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