A. Innova debunks entrepreneurial myths

Sales and marketing specialists, A. Innova has debunked the 4 most common myths of entrepreneurship and revealed what it’s really about.

Being an entrepreneur is a popular career choice in today’s modern age, however, many people still have extreme misconceptions about entrepreneurship, shares A. Innova. The firm notes how several people still believe that entrepreneurs gain success overnight and that entrepreneurs don’t do as much work as a 9-5 employee. However, A. Innova highlights how, whilst having flexibility and freedom over their hours, entrepreneurs have to work incredibly hard and usually longer hours than the average employee before they can be considered a success.

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Here, A. Innova has outlined the 4 most common myths surrounding entrepreneurship and outlined why they are false:

Entrepreneurship is not about:

You – Building a start-up is extremely trendy these days, entrepreneurs often appear on the covers of magazines and feature on reality shows and whilst a start-up would not exist without the entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is not about the entrepreneur themselves. The entrepreneur may be the face of the business but they are also the person taking out the bins, handling employee relationships, and dealing with day-to-day jobs, often making them last in the pecking order.

The fancy office – People often think that with entrepreneurship comes a fancy office, ping pong tables, nap rooms and free beers every Friday. However, in reality, entrepreneurs often work in shared office spaces just trying to get their business up and running. In the early days, it is all about saving costs and it is not possible to afford a fancy office. However, further down the line these fun and creative office spaces are often set up to encourage innovative thinking.

Money – Whilst a handful of entrepreneurs go on to make millions many start-ups do not make it. With entrepreneurship comes risk, but for those willing to take that risk it can often pay off and lead to financial freedom. However, this could take several years outlines A. Innova.

The exit – Whilst people may think entrepreneurs build a business just to sell it on for a quick buck, many entrepreneurs work for years and years to build their company up and will sacrifice a lot to keep it going. An entrepreneur’s main goal is to serve their customers best and many will never want to sell up and fear the potential destruction of their brand in someone else’s hand.

Having debunked the common myths surrounding entrepreneurship, A. Innova has highlighted the real reasons why entrepreneurs start a business and what entrepreneurship is really about:

Making something people want – A. Innova outlines how most entrepreneurs have an idea that they feel they simply must put out into the world, something that consumers will really want or need in their lives. Beyond the coveted awards or comfortable offices, entrepreneurs are constantly asking themselves this question – “are we making something people want?”

The people – Beyond the product, the most important thing that an entrepreneur needs to succeed is a good team. “Entrepreneurship is about recognising areas which you may not excel in and actively seeking people who can do these things better than you,” reveals A. Innova.

Cardiff-based sales and marketing firm A. Innova specialises in a unique form of direct marketing which allows them to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis. This helps to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer which often leads to increased brand loyalty, customer acquisition and brand awareness for their clients.

Sales specialists, A. Innova actively supports entrepreneurs and aids their contractors in developing business skills which will lead to success in an entrepreneurial environment through their unique business development opportunity.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/michellesun/2016/11/21/4-myths-about-entrepreneurship-and-what-its-really-about/#bd18218cce82

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