A Grand opportunity to buy a cask...

A barrel of ‘liquid gold’ is currently up for grabs at the first online whisky auction house in the Scottish Highlands.

A cask of 1st fill bourbon, 11 year old Bruichladdich, from Islay, is going under the hammer at The Grand Whisky Auction, ending 08/03/2020.

Investing in whisky casks has surged in popularity in recent years and the number of new investors continues to grow.

The beautiful thing about single malt is that its value has the potential to grow exponentially over time. Choosing the right bottle could see an increase in value by 1000%+ over the course of five years. Why stop at just 1 bottle? Shrewd investors have also watched the meteoric rise in returns from whisky casks with some showing average returns of 20%+ per annum.

Selecting a fine quality cask with a great spirit could bring substantial profit down the line with the option to move the cask along the family generations while still being held in bond. Whist appealing to the number crunchers of the investment world, it speaks to the hearts of those looking for that romantic tie to Scotland, the home of the single malt whisky.

Speaking to industry professional Beau Wallace from The Grand Whisky Auction, “Watching your whisky mature alongside your investment, there is nothing quite like it. You have the ability to taste it and smell it coming of age ”

The art of choosing the right cask is far more exciting than choosing your next stock. Factors to consider may be, the distillery, the cask type, size, storage location to name a few. While choosing a cask from fill is an option, there is a way to fast track your whisky investment. A new market has emerged, casks going to auction online, that are already of age.

Auctioning a cask has become increasingly popular for both sellers to liquidate their assets and for buyers seeking an addition to their portfolio. Casks can be purchased for as little as £2000 and a recent sale of a Macallan 30 Year Old Sherry Hogshead sold for an eye watering $572,000 on the 15th of November 2019.

Got the cogs turning? Beau Wallace, industry professional said: “thegrandwhiskyauction.com is a modern platform for you to showcase your investment to the whisky world or to buy your first cask”.

Whisky has been the catalyst for barrels of laughs for decades, but you could be the one laughing...all the way to the bank!

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