A Different Kind of Schooling: Family Sells Home for Worldwide Learning Adventure

News provided by Beyond Khao San Road on Tuesday 10th Oct 2023

Adrian and Kirsty Spencer, a Derbyshire-based family, are about to embark on a remarkable journey that involves selling their home, opting their daughters Georgia and Eva (aged 9 and 7) out of the UK education system, and setting off to explore the world together. Their adventure begins in South America in November, and they plan to spend approximately 18 months travelling as a family.

They are driven by a deep desire to spend a greater amount of quality time with their children and explore diverse cultures across the globe. While this journey entails pausing their careers and making significant sacrifices, Adrian and Kirsty firmly believe that the rewards of this expedition far outweigh any challenges.

In their own words, “Our children, Georgia and Eva, are at a unique age, and we want to seize the opportunity. Now they are old enough to grasp and experience the world; we want to educate by astonishment.”

“This dream all began during lockdown, where we found spending so much time engaging and educating with them incredibly rewarding. Their primary school has been great, with a brilliant head teacher and staff, but we want them to spend some time learning outside of government-mandated curriculum targets. We think the diversity of places and cultures Georgia and Eva will experience will be invaluable to them.

Their educational approach, referred to as "world schooling," involves daily structured learning sessions focusing on core subjects like mathematics and English. Beyond that, their plan is to harness the diverse locations and encounters they experience to teach their daughters about science, history, religion, and economics. Additionally, they intend to contribute to local charities along their journey, using volunteering as a means to support causes they are passionate about, such as wildlife conservation.

Adrian and Kirsty will be sharing their experiences of travelling and giving a “warts and all” view of life on the road on their website, Beyond Khao San Road. Their aim is not only to share their own learning and experiences but also to make these valuable lessons accessible to other families seeking similar adventures.

“We are sure it won’t all be easy. Spending such an intense amount of time together is bound to cause friction, but we are sure it will ultimately bring us closer together”.

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