9-Year-Old UK school girl Amelia overcomes ‘invisible’ communication disability affecting 2 students in every class of 30 in the UK.

Amelia loves to be busy! She plays the cornet, enjoys dance, drama and pole fitness. She recently joined girls’ football, choir and film club at school. Amelia also has DLD.

Developmental Language Disorder or DLD is a lifelong, permanent neurodevelopmental condition affecting 1 in 14 people.

TODAY, Friday 15 of October 2021 is DLD Awareness Day and this year’s campaign is asking teachers to #ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD. The goal is to increase the early identification of DLD and support for students at school.

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) in the UK have partnered with Raising Awareness of Developmental Language Disorder (RADLD) to grow awareness of DLD, a hidden but common condition.

Thanks to early intervention, Amelia’s DLD was picked up at 6 years of age. She has been well supported since that time and has almost caught up to the expected academic levels for a 9 year old, despite not reaching any of her Early Years Foundation Stage targets at age 5.

One teacher can change a student’s life by spotting their challenges with language. RADLD is asking teachers to keep an eye out, and whenever they see a student struggling with learning, #ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD.

Amelia’s mum Claire really wants teachers to know that early identification of DLD is vital. “Just because somebody can talk and appears to be listening doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue - Amelia still has significant gaps in her vocabulary knowledge because she doesn’t just “pick up” words as most children do,” Claire shared.

“Just taking that little bit of time to check she’s really understood and isn’t just repeating back words with no comprehension can make a huge difference. And we know we are lucky - Amelia’s language needs were very obvious, and she has her diagnosis. Not all children with DLD have been diagnosed, and so they may not be getting the support they need.”

Students with DLD can succeed at school when they are identified and access the right support. But first they need our help. Please view and share this year’s DLD Awareness Day animated video to help raise awareness: https://youtu.be/MU1inVSISFo


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RADLD: Stephen Parsons, RADLD Chair | stephen.parsons66@gmail.com OR 07811 218 484


Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day, now in its fifth year, is celebrated annually around the world with more than 40 countries involved last year. Support DLD Awareness Day by sharing this year’s #ThinkLanguage #ThinkDLD awareness videos (due for release in early October) and/or hold an event at your workplace or in the community. Visit www.RADLD.org to access our awareness raising resources including downloadable posters and fact sheets.

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