62% Chance of a Death in Albert Square this Christmas - Odds Revealed for Christmas 2019 Storylines

The team at Good Elf trawled through online archives and YouTube clips to log all of the key Christmas storylines on Coronation Street and Eastenders covering more than 90 years! Our data analysts and the kind folk at William Hill crunched the numbers and produced betting odds for certain storylines occurring this year.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

13 Walford Residents to Date Have Kicked the Bucket over Christmas
The Grim Reaper makes regular visits to Walford over the Christmas holidays. Nine times between 2002 and 2012 alone. There's a 62% chance of it happening again this year.

2/1 Odds for a Festive Punch-Up in Albert Square
In a recent interview on The One Show, Danny Dyer told viewers to expect a ‘brilliant’ Christmas Day episode featuring a ‘punch-up’. Well, Danny, our odds of 2/1 back that up completely!

1/10 Odds for a Family Bust-Up on Coronation Street this Christmas
Is it even Christmas without a family bust-up on Coronation Street? The odds are 1/10 for a festive family feud this year.

20/1 Chance of a Sing-Along In the Rovers Return
Sing-alongs were a regular occurrence back in the 60s, usually with Ena Sharples leading proceedings on the piano at the Rovers Return. Times have changed and this has only happened once since 1984. That leaves us with a 20/1 chance of the residents coming together for some Christmas carols this year.

4/5 Odds for Someone in Weatherfield Ruining the Turkey
It's happened nine times in total, the most memorable being when Les Battersby's served up roadkill in 1997.

Coronation Street

  • 91% chance of a family bust-up (1/10 odds)
  • 71% chance of a wedding (2/5 odds)
  • 61% chance of someone ruining the turkey (4/5 odds)
  • 40% chance of a birth (3/2 odds)
  • 5% chance of a Xmas sing-along (20/1 odds)
  • 30% chance of an affair/fling (5/2 odds)


  • 62% chance of a Xmas death (8/13 odds)
  • 91% chance of an affair/fling (1/10 odds)
  • 50% chance of a major character leaving (1/1 odds)
  • 17% chance of an injury (5/1 odds)
  • 8% chance of a birth (12/1 odds)
  • 33% chance of a punch-up (2/1 odds)

Notes to Editors

Key storyline odds and illustrated calendar can be found at https://www.goodelf.co.uk/pages/the-good-elfs-12-soap-predictions-of-xmas-2019

The raw data is available to view at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_KcR9ogqx2W_B73MFysV6TwIxK_uPM39xMBe-ap3TuI/edit?usp=sharing

A hi-res version of the illustrated advent calendar and comment are available upon request.

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