5 Tips to Enhance Your Brand Reputation From MJ Experia Marketing

“Your brand’s reputation can be the difference between success and failure,” states MJ Experia Marketing. Here, the firm reveals their 5 tips to enhance brand reputation.

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With online resources at a consumer’s fingertips, it is crucial for brands to maintain a positive brand reputation. Modern consumers make purchasing choices based around a variety of factors including brand message, brand values and their commitment to local communities. Sales and marketing specialists MJ Experia Marketing urge brands to follow their five tips to enhance brand reputation:

1. Tell a story – Consumer engagement should encourage an emotional attachment to promote a loyal relationship. Brands are urged to adapt their marketing strategies to tell their story and the core elements they base their product decisions around to encourage a lasting consumer bond.

2. Aim to inspire – Brands should inspire thoughts surrounding consumer integration with a product, allowing them to imagine themselves as part of a unit and brand as a team.

3. Promote open dialogue – Brands who encourage consumers to share brand experiences - good and bad - are able to build trust in their services. It is crucial to manage poor feedback effectively in a public forum and demonstrate the service expected if things don’t go to plan. In a recent Invoke solutions study, 37% of respondents listed the inclusion and discussion of positive and negative comments as extremely important to the level of trust they held in a company or business’ social platform.

4. Provide valuable information – Empowering audiences is key to developing presentations for consumer review. Be mindful of relaying community advantages of selecting a brand product; the ‘we’ generation are responsive to feeling part of creating a better environment for others as much as their own personal benefit.

5. Demonstrate responsiveness – To create a positive brand image, it is crucial to develop a feel of responsiveness to new and current customers. Social interactions are the perfect platform to demonstrate the company culture surrounding response times. The Invoke Solutions study found 30% of respondents regarded responsiveness as extremely important to trusting a company or business.

MJ Experia Marketing is anoutsourced sales and marketing firm located in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre. The firm specialises in a unique form of direct marketing, which allows them to manage and implement personalised marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients’ brands. MJ Experia Marketing then takes these campaigns directly to consumers via face-to-face marketing techniques as they believe this is the best way to form long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

MJ Experia Marketing works closely with their consumers to ensure they maximise customer experience for the customers and clients alike.


MJ Experia Marketing is a unique marketing services that provides personalised marketing campaigns. For more information, follow @MJExperia on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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