5 Thesis Writing Websites That Facilitate the Data Collection and Analysis for PhD Research Project

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Writing a PhD thesis is difficult but conducting actual research and analysis of the collected data is far more difficult. Both these tasks require the students and researchers to invest enough time into them, and unfortunately, not everyone has enough time to accomplish such tasks.

Let's face it: will you be able to take time out for all this mess that PhD research gets you into after attending classes all day and working one or two jobs? The answer is no – even if a person tries to manage it all together, it will become extremely challenging for him to be productive at everything without mismanaging any of them. That is why thesis writing websites exist to bring some ease and comfort to the life of students.

Here we introduce the UK's five best thesis writing websites that not only help you write a PhD dissertation but also offer expert assistance with excellent data collection and analysis process. Let's discover how these thesis writing agencies facilitate both these processes for a PhD research project.

What Type of Data is Required for a PhD Research Project?

After successfully choosing a topic for your PhD research project, you must collect data to be included in the written project. There are two broad categories in which you can classify the data needed for the dissertation:

  • Empirical Data
  • Theoretical Data

Empirical Data

Empirical data for a PhD research project is the one which is collected by evaluating concrete evidence. It can be either quantitative or qualitative. It can also have a mixed nature.

Qualitative Data

Qualitative data cannot be numerically measured, unlike quantitative data. It is based on observations, surveys and interviews.

Quantitative Data

It is the data type that can be measured and verified with numbers. It is based on solid, concrete, measurable evidence.

Theoretical Data

Theoretical data for your PhD research project will be collected from diverse scholarly sources such as journal articles and books. You get the theoretical background information from such resources relating to your research.

How Can A Thesis Writing Website Help You in Collecting Theoretical Data for PhD Research Projects?

When you decide to get academic help from thesis writing websites online, you should know their data collection methods for your PhD research project to ensure you are getting quality academic help online. These websites use the following resources for data collection for a PhD research project:

  • Monographs
  • Online or physical conference proceedings
  • Online data repositories such as ERIC, Scopus, or Google Scholar
  • Academic Journals
  • Edited Volumes of relevant books

Professional thesis writing websites also use the best academic search engines to find the most relevant scholarly content for your dissertation.

Searching for Existing Dissertations

If you want to collect data for your dissertation and find out the aspects focussed by the previous researchers, you should ask your assigned writer to go through the existing dissertations. Looking at all the dissertations that have been completed previously will help the writer find out the approaches used by other researchers in the PhD research project. Ask the writer to pay attention to the references used by the researchers and try to find out the existing relevant theories related to your topic.

Data-Sharing Platforms

Several data-sharing platforms can also help a writer gather relevant data for a presentation. A majority of students share their research papers on various online academic platforms, such as the following:

  • Calameo
  • Slideshare
  • Medium

Even if you do not find useful data from these websites, you will find valuable sources which may inspire you to work on your PhD research project. Check the credibility of these sources before you start to work on your papers.

How do Thesis Writing Websites Collect Empirical Data?

When searching for empirical data for your dissertation, a professional thesis writing website first decides what sort of data it wants to obtain. Here are the ways to find both the qualitative and quantitative data:

Qualitative Data

Quantitative Data


Qualitative data is the type of data that cannot be measured in numerical ways. Such data is contextual, theoretical, and elaborative. Non-textual data and multimedia data are the two main types of such data.

Quantitative data is the type of data that is measurable and can be written in numerical form. A such data type is the most credible, precise and based on concrete evidence plus facts and figures.


The methodology used to obtain such type of data for a PhD research project includes the following:

Focus groups



The methodology used to get such kind of data for a PhD research project include the following means:


Knowledge databases


How do Thesis Writing Services Help the Students in Performing Data Analysis?

The data analysis section of a dissertation is the most important because it aims to show the research skills of a doctoral student. Most institutes dedicate 40% of the total marks to this section of a PhD research project. When you choose a professional thesis writing service, such as The Academic Papers UK, it will structure your data analysis section and facilitate the process for you accordingly.

General Structure of a Data Analysis Section:

Each university guides and instructs the students to follow a data analysis writing structure, but all educational institutions follow a universal template. Generally, a PhD research project's data analysis section follows the given structure:

  • An output of the calculations performed during the process
  • A comprehensive interpretation of the obtained results
  • The detailed discussion of the results in the light of empirical evidence

The Five Best Thesis Writing Websites That Also Help in Data Collection and Data Analysis for a PhD research Projects:

Now that you know the ideal methods for data collection and analysis for your PhD research project, let's discuss the five best PhD thesis writing services online in the UK that not help with writing a PhD dissertation but also help you in finding a topic, conducting actual research and data analysis-an all in one solution that you are looking for. 

These 5 Top PhD thesis writing websites are;

  1. The Academic Papers UK
  2. Affordable Dissertation UK
  3. Cheap Essay Writing UK
  4. Cheap Dissertation Writing UK
  5. Dissertation Writers UK

If you are looking for "the best thesis writing services near me", you will be glad to know that these five services are in the UK. These legit PhD thesis help services provide the clients with the addresses; this way, you can verify the existence of these best thesis writing services yourself.

Why These Five Websites?

These five best thesis writing websites were selected to assist you in collecting data for your PhD research project and analysing the data, as they were evaluated thoroughly against strict criteria. The top tier factors which made websites the best to take academic help were the following:

  • The quality of the papers required (PhD research papers)
  • 24/7 support
  • PhD qualified writers
  • Affordable prices
  • Authentic academic help

Let's explore these five best thesis writing services online in the UK.


Thesis Writing Websites

Top Features



The Academic Papers UK

Best at collecting quantitative data, and best at conducting statistical analysis



Affordable Dissertation UK

Best at offering advanced MATLAB and STATA analysis and also the best at collecting empirical data



Cheap Essay Writing UK

Best at helping you in collecting theoretical data and facilitating Regression Analysis for a PhD research project



Cheap Dissertation UK

Offers help in gathering qualitative data and helps to perform data analysis using SPSS, R software



Dissertation Writers UK

Best at helping to perform basic statistical analysis and helps in collecting data in the form of interviews and questionnaires


1-The Academic Papers UK

The Academic Papers UK has provided students with the best dissertation help for two decades. It has the best data statisticians on board to provide complete academic help to PhD students.

Why No.1?

  • The Academic Papers UK has native UK data analysts who are well aware of all the thesis writing requirements of the students.
  • It helps researchers design questionnaires and surveys tailored to their PhD research topics.
  • The Academic Papers UK has a team of researchers who can help the best in using specified analysis software, such as MATLAB, Stata, SPSS and more.
  • It stays available 24/7 to cater to the custom requirements of the clients.
  • The Academic Papers UK has crafted 50,000+ PhD dissertations, and it has a 100% client satisfaction rate which shows that it is the best website to take specialised help for a PhD project.

Affordable Dissertation UK

Affordable Dissertation UK offers the best data collection and analysis help to researchers seeking professional assistance in crafting their thesis. It will refine your already done analysis and fine-tune your papers per the requirements of your university. Here are some pros of hiring this thesis writing service online in the UK:

The Reasons of Ranking Highest?

  • Affordable Dissertation UK has hired PhD-qualified individuals on the team to assist the students in gathering data for their PhD research projects.
  • The expert researchers at Affordable Dissertation UK are well-versed in using complex statistical analysis software, such as SAS, SPSS, etc.
  • Affordable Dissertation UK follows a strict data confidentiality policy.
  • It has a super-supportive customer support team that instantly solves any issue that may arise.
  • Affordable Dissertation UK has the industry's best pricing system, which lets you get the best academic assistance at the lowest prices.

Cheap Essay Writing UK

Are you thriving on a tight budget and do not have much to spend on a thesis writing website? You are at the right place because Cheap Essay Writing UK offers the best PhD research project help to students, particularly when getting custom assistance with the data collection and the data analysis parts of your dissertation.

Top Features:

  • Cheap Essay Writing UK is best for taking help in the collection of theoretical data.
  • It has access to online knowledge repositories, allowing it to provide the required data to the researchers.
  • Cheap Essay Writing UK provides faultless papers to students as it has a proficient QA team that ensures no mistakes in your custom papers.
  • Cheap Essay Writing UK has a penchant for providing the best data analysis support to the students owing to the availability of the academia's best researchers on the team.
  • Cheap Essay Writing UK does not charge exorbitant prices for its best-quality services.

Cheap Dissertation Writing UK

Are you looking for the best thesis writing service to provide top-class data collection and data analysis help for your PhD research project at low rates? Cheap Dissertation Writing UK got you! Now, you can get professional and reliable help from this platform at minimal rates.

Why Cheap Dissertation is the Best For PhD Thesis Help?

  • Cheap Dissertation Writing UK will be your best bet when you need help collecting and analysing qualitative data for your dissertation.
  • It stays available around the clock to satisfy the need of the clients.
  • Cheap Dissertation Writing UK provides free and unlimited revisions to clients.
  • This thesis writing agency has a high client satisfaction rate of up to 98.5%, making it the most reliable website.
  • Cheap Dissertation Writing UK has an affordable pricing plan for all students.

Dissertation Writers UK

Dissertation Writers UK will be your best bet for getting professional dissertation project help to relieve stress. The platform has highly qualified researchers, data analysts and data collection experts on the team to assist the researchers in solving all their academic worries. The expert writers shall adhere to your custom guidelines when working on your papers.


  • Dissertation Writers UK is best to take help in conducting the statistical analysis of your PhD research papers.
  • The customer support representatives at this website take no more than 10 minutes to answer your queries.
  • Dissertation Writers UK has a penchant for providing the best PhD help to students.
  • It has satisfied 60,000+ customers till today, and hence, it has a high client satisfaction rate –a plus point!
  • Dissertation Writers UK has helped thousands of customers with the advanced statistical analysis of their dissertations, which makes it a favourable choice for all researchers to get academic help.

Bottom Line:

No matter what dissertation help you need, you can hire any of these five professional thesis writing websites to assist you with PhD writing and research (including data collection and analysis for your PhD research project). The expert data analysts at these platforms shall also facilitate the data analysis process per your needs. These top five websites are complete packages and provide the best possible help to the PhD researchers – thousands of positive client reviews boast the success of these services.

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