5 Questions OnlyFans Creators should ask when choosing a new platform

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In light of recent OnlyFans announcements, many creators are feeling unsure of which direction to turn.

Savvy creators are using this interval as a chance to do their homework before making their next move.

And if creators can take one thing away from recent events,it is that your content business is only as secure as the platform you choose to build it on.

To help creators make an informed choice, SoSpoilt has put together 5 questions OnlyFans creators should ask when choosing a new platform.

1. Is the platform established?

    A lot of platforms have popped up in just the past year so it’s important for creators to do their research before moving all their hard work and content over there.

    And with the large volume of creators looking to jump ship, it’s important the platform they choose is able to handle the load.

    Look for platforms that are established and have been operating for a large amount of time with a history of paying creators successfully.

    Creators should look into how long the company’s been in business and who is behind it. If this information isn’t easy to find, they should think twice about joining.

    2. How can you earn?

      Different creator platforms offer different ways to earn from content. As well as fan subscriptions, some allow payments from messages, live chats, and tips.

      All platforms will take a percentage of earnings (this is known as the platform fee).

      But, some take more than others, have restrictions about when you can cash out,

      and may not handle VAT in line with UK and EU regulations.

      SoSpoilt allows creators to sell content subscriptions directly to their fans. Fans can also pay to live stream, pay-per-minute chat, message, or tip their favourite creators.

      Plus, creators can supplement their income from fans, by landing paid collaborations or sponsorship deals with brands in SoSpoilt’s network.

      3. Are your earnings secure?

      Creators should look for platforms that are compliant with the rules that matter to them and their content.

      These include paying creators in their home currency, low platform fees, and handling all applicable VAT or Sales Taxes for creators, as they should be by law.

      SoSpoilt lets creators set their prices and cash out regularly. What’s more, payments are safe and direct, so chunks of earnings aren’t lost to third-party processors.

      There’s no need to stress about VAT either. SoSpoilt is designed to handle applicable VAT for creators in line with UK and EU regulations. The platform determines exactly how much VAT to charge for each transaction so creators will never be caught out.

      4. Do you have creative freedom?

      SoSpoilt is here for all creators. And it’s important to choose a platform that caters to them and the content that they create.

      Our goal is to help every creator who joins us build a safe, reliable income.

      5. Are there extra features to help you earn even more?

      Smart creators have probably noticed the demand for live content is on the up. Live streaming is one of the best ways to boost earnings as a content creator.

      On SoSpoilt, creators will find not just 1, but 2 ways to earn from live content.

      Creators can go live for as little or as long as they want to paying subscribers. Or get paid each minute they’re live with pay-per-minute chat. Fans will pay a per-minute rate set by the creator.

      SoSpoilt also allows creators to earn from brand partnerships. By using their SoSpoilt profile they’ll get seen by our network of verified brands offering paid collaborations with creators.

      Plus, creators keep more money in their pockets with unbeatable payout rates of 85%.

      And with a £/$10 welcome bonus waiting for all new creators on SoSpoilt, that’s one more thing to smile about.

      About SoSpoilt – SoSpoilt is an online platform with one mission: to help content creators fund what they do with fan support and brand sponsorship. Operated by Ampay Limited – a trusted UK technology provider since 1999 – SoSpoilt is now used by over 100,000 creators. And it’s the only choice for creators looking to safely get paid and connect live with their audience. Go to sospoilt.com to find out more.

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