20% of Physiotherapists go Virtual to embrace Coronavirus change

20% of Physiotherapists go Virtual to embrace Coronavirus change

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of the way we live our lives, queuing at the supermarket, DIY store, post office or bank.

Spending so much time in our garden without being able to buy anything for our garden.

Missing my local pub so badly and failing once again to re-create my daughters favourite Mac N Cheese.

On top of the devastating loss of life, and mentally demanding aspects of social confinement, there are indeed numerous negatives to Covid-19.

There are however a few positives, especially with Physiotherapists.

The same service in a different way.

Despite the vast majority of “non-essential” health care services being closed, there are a few plucky businesses that have refused to lock their doors and stay at home. These guys have adapted, evolved and given their clients (plus a whole load of new clients) the same service, delivered in a different way, a virtual way.

At HealthHubble we have 1,196 Physiotherapists listed online, and having recently gone through each and every one of their websites, founder and CEO Dr Jacqualine Seckley found all but 20% were closed due to Coronavirus.

So 80% are closed, ok seems reasonable, I mean how do you treat someone when you can’t see them or examine them right?

Well how about virtually, on the phone, by video, Zoom, FaceTime or Skype?

That’s exactly what 238 of the plucky physios have done. You make an appointment online, you get your confirmation online and then you see your physio online, all from the comfort and safety of your home.

People still have the same injuries and patients still need post operative care which is probably why many of our physios are saying that they are busier than ever.

Silver surfers

And it’s not just Physios that are bringing their services to you virtually.

We have online Pilates classes that have found a new type of client who just wasn’t comfortable in a group class.

Or how about a private consultation with a Harley street GP - on your phone?

We even have a Gym that is busier now than it was before Coronavirus!

Now, I just wish my local pub would start delivering my daughters Mac N Cheese to me… or at least show me how to make it - virtually.


To find out more about how Coronavirus is changing healthcare, which Physios, Gyms, Doctors and other healthcare professionals are working virtually and how they are doing it please contact Dr Jacqualine Seckley:


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20% of Physiotherapists go Virtual to embrace Coronavirus change