Young people across nottinghamshire lack employability skills, firm say in survey!

Young people across nottinghamshire lack employability skills, firm say in survey!

The Youth Enterprise & Employability Academy and the Youth Enterprise Academy has surveyed firms across Nottinghamshire and found 84% thought school leavers were not ready for employment.

In fact of the companies surveyed three-quarters put the situation down to a lack of work experience, but then when we asked them do they offer work experience over half of themsaid they do not offer work experience because of the cost and time needed and lack of information about what is involved which is putting them of offering work-experience.

In addition, to work experience nine out of ten of companies surveyed said young people did not have even basic skills such as communication or team work, whilst 73% of young people believe they are good at communicating and 55% believe they are good at working in a team.

Kurtis-Jay Castle, the Chief Executive for Youth Enterprise & Employability Academy said several companies considered that hiring young people was a “hazardous” move.

“Firms need young people that are good at communicators and know how to work as part of a team”

“While companies recognise, their key purpose is to run a business which means making decisions for the good of the business, as a result they tend to favour more skilled andexperienced applicants” he said.

He then adds;

“We believe that local academies and government in general have failed our young people by not appropriately preparing them for their future careers, all they do is brag about the number of GCSE results at A+ - C”

“They do not seem too really care about the young people, what they do care about is making money by selling their branded uniform and then expelling students just because theyare not wearing trousers that have their logo on, or they are wearing the wrong type of shoes”

That is why the Youth Enterprise & Employability Academy is developing programs that promote their strengths, abilities and giving them the employability and entrepreneurial skills they need to achieve their ambition.


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Young people across nottinghamshire lack employability skills, firm say in survey!