Wine by the case: the smart way to buy your wines

When it comes to picking which wines to buy, most of us naturally stick to what we know and rarely try something new. The colour of the wine, which grape variety is utilised, perhaps the country of origin and, of course, the price all influence the type of wine we opt for.

All that makes choosing your wines something of a lottery. You might get lucky and find a store where everything you’re looking for comes together. Or, you just might have to risk a compromise if you can’t find your favourite bottle.

Finding a way to take the hit-and-miss out of wine buying became a key goal for the team at Rude Wines. The solution they came up with? Offering wines by the case.

Initially, they looked at the wine cases already on offer. Many simply took those tried-and-tested paths, using colour, grape variety and country.

So how could this be improved upon?

They started by looking at the key advantages of buying wine by the case.

<h2>How buyers’ intent is benefited by wine by the case</h2>

  1. Variety topped the list. Having a case of 12, or even 15 bottles, means there’s no need to drink the same wine time after time. Even if the case has something in common, like grape variety, trying a whole range of wines gives a much better appreciation of what’s available out there.
  2. The reason behind purchasing wine also ranked highly on the advantages scale. In fact, according to research carried out by TV’s The Wine Show, buying wine to go with an evening meal accounted for 41.4% of all wine purchases (across 1,000 respondents).
  3. Grouping your wine choice with a dinner party menu gave Rude Wine the idea to design cases that would complement beef and seafood dishes, barbecues, and even the ‘ultimate Sunday roast’, covering the ‘big four’ most popular meats with targeted wine offers.These cases, using food as the starting point, gives scope for their customers to experiment with different pairings, whilst reducing the chances of going wrong.
  4. Sometimes people simply know what they like to drink. That’s also considered an opportunity by Rude Wines too. So, you like Malbec, for example, but you’ve never tried a top-notch wine that’s made you sit up and take notice? A Malbec-focused six-bottle case, with three or four different ‘everyday’ wines, plus two extraordinary wines becomes the Malbec fan’s perfect choice.
  5. Other times, wine is something to simply relax with. A point again reflected by The Wine Show’s survey, with ‘watching TV, etc.’ the second most popular choice with 18.6% of people saying that’s when they mostly drink wine.

Hence the creation of wine cases designed squarely by occasion. Seasonality often comes into play with these, with cases for making the most of summer wine drinking celebrating the fruitier, refreshing side of wine changing to more hefty, full-bodied styles in autumn and winter.

6) And, there’s no escaping the fact that for many people, price undoubtedly plays a part in their wine buying habits.

Luckily, when it comes to wines by the case, it’s an incredibly cost-effective way to get the best possible price.

Because you’re buying 12 (or more) bottles at a time, the wine merchant can provide fantastic wine offers, spreading the discount over the full case. Having them delivered free of charge to you home takes one of weekly shopping’s more weighty items off the list too.

If running out of wine is something you’d rather avoid, wine by the case is surely the way forward. Unexpected visitors, throwing a dinner party, or simply that extra glass at the end of a long week, all become more manageable when your wine rack is well-stocked.

Having seen their newly designed cases already proving a hit with customers, the team are now looking at new possibilities. Wines to suit the mood you’re in anyone?

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