Why is the World in the Grips of a Productivity Decline? Blue Branch Investigates

After new reports suggest global workplace productivity is at its lowest rate for nearly three decades,Blue Branch have shared how they sustain high performance in the workplace.

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The world is facing a productivity crisis according to recent reports published by the UK Government and US-based think tank Conference Board. With productivity set to fall in the USA for the first time in three decades, and the UK Government revealing that the rate of growth for UK productivity is significantly slowing - with a prediction of only a 1.7 percent rise in 2017 -companies are being called to assess and eliminate inefficiencies.

Whilst these reports initially only reflect productivity across two key markets, experts are suggesting that this points to a far larger problem taking over the developing world.

Blue Branch, a leading provider of outsourced sales and marketing solutions is shocked by the dwindling productivity outlined in these reports. However the firm believes that this outcome was always a possibility due to the demands of the modern world. People are working longer hours than ever before - especially in areas where the economy remains unpredictable, and whilst some may believe longer working hours means greater productivity, the reality is many workers are suffering from increased stress, lack of workplace engagement and burn out. Another contributing factor for the fall in productivity is the growing trend for businesses to reduce their investment in staff training in favour of only employing highly skilled or experienced workers. This has caused many bright and capable workers to take on roles that don’t excite or engage them – resulting in very little motivation to maintain peak performance.

With the UK set to undergo major economic changes as a result of the recent Brexit vote, Blue Branch are concerned that companies could face even more productivity challenges if issues with workplace inefficiencies and employee well-being are not tackled now.

Whilst working on identifying and resolving workplace inefficiencies, Blue Branch also believe that there are things businesses can do to boost workplace morale and increase productivity. The firm itself offers a range of opportunities designed to engage their contractors and motivate them to sustain consistently high results for their clients. Blue Branch regularly run competitions and incentives related to performance and offer those interested in pursuing a long-term future in sales and marketing the chance to take part in mentoring initiatives, skills development seminars and industry-based networking events.

Due to these opportunities Blue Branch has reported a steady rise in productivity, which in their highly competitve industry is vital to the survival of the firm. Working with a range of high profile brands the firm create, run and manage event marketing campaigns. Through these campaigns the firm are able to take their clients’ brands to new demographics and build better customer relationships by communicating with them in person, one-on-one. This drives their clients’ brand awareness and increases lead generation, brand loyalty and helps their clients to achieve stronger sales revenues.

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