What Is The Best Growth Fund?

A growth fund is a diversified portfolio that has capital appreciation as it's primary goal, with little or no dividend payouts.

Many investors ask whether it is worth sacrificing income, for more aggressive growth objectives, and the answer is probably that a combination of both work well in one's portfolio.

Income streams are easier to build within your portfolio structure. Finding the right growth funds and strategies can provide a sterner test, particularly in a challenging market climate.

In a market that might seem over bought, where fundamentals are poor, and uncertainty remains- E Financial Newsletter are delighted to offer our readers a selection of funds and strategies that aim to provide GROWTH regardless of the market climate.

With worldwide Equity markets looking over valued, the UK property market grinding slowly to a halt, and with bonds offering minimal yield- it possibly is a prudent approach to understand some of the options available in the market place right now.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of growth opportunities for investors, but it does provide our readers with a solid starting point to begin their research.

Below are some of the options (funds and bespoke portfolios) available to an investor which have caught the eye of our Team over the last 12 months. 

a) Cadogan Asset Management: The Multi Strategy Investment Portfolio.

Specialise in working with UHNW individuals building bespoke multi market portfolios.

Contact Details- admin@msicadogan.co.uk

Website- msicadogan.co.uk (password msicadogan19) and cadoganam.com

Location- Mayfair, London

Targeted Return- 8-15%

EFN Comment- Gaining strong traction with HNW investors due to it's personalised nature. Very transparent service. They offer prospective clientele live access to a trading portfolio, before committing.

b) Standard Life GARS: Global Absolute Return Strategies.

Aim to perform regardless of climate with less volatility than equities.

Contact Details- investor_services@standardlife.com


Location- Worldwide

Targeted Return- 6% plus

EFN Comment- A recent underperformer. Negative 6.4% in the last 3 years, but one to monitor moving forward.

c) Blackrock: Absolute Return Bond Fund.

Fund looks to perform regardless of climate. Not benchmarked v's other Income Indices.

Contact Details- enquiry@ukclientservices.blackrock.com

Website- www.blackrock.com

Location- Worldwide

Targeted Return- 5-6%

EFN Comment- Looking for an investment that builds it's exposure around Bonds- then this Blackrock option might be the one for your portfolio.

d) Aria Capital Management: Absolute Return Portfolio Strategies.

Bespoke portfolios encompassing multiple markets. Aim to perform regardless of climate.

Contact Details- Form on website

Website- www.ariacm.com

Location- Dubai

Targeted Return- 10% plus

EFN Comment- If you're comfortable investing away from London, and are looking for a strategy that is gathering a large presence in the Middle East, than consider ACM.

e) Man GLG: The Alpha Select Alternative Fund

Fund aims to perform in an underperforming market place.

Contact Details- www.glgpartners.com/contact

Website- www.glgpartners.com

Location- London

Targeted Return- 7% plus

EFN Comment- A recent strong performer, in an uncertain climate. Will be interesting to witness performance in a strong market place.

f) ISAM: ISAM Systematic Trend Fund.

Fund aims to perform in challenging climates.

Contact Details- Contact via website

Website- www.isamfunds.com
Location- London

Targeted Return- 8-10% per annum

EFN Comment- A year to forget for ISAM last year, but with a strong management team, a bounce back is a strong possibility.

These type of funds and services are searching for Alpha in any market climate. Therefore they tend to embrace risk and volatility in the market place, and hence why their 'aimed for returns' are slightly higher than the average vanilla fund in the market place.

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