What do Young Entrepreneurs Have in Common? Blue Moose Investigates

Blue Moose are strong supporters of the young entrepreneurial movement, and are regularly looking into research to seek what similarities these individuals possess.

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The direct marketing firm offers advice and guidance to tomorrow's future business owners, whom the company feels they can add value to through coaching stable habits for success. Blue Moose are keen to expose the similar traits demonstrated by young entrepreneurs, as they are confident this will improve their ability to guide these individuals to success.

With this in mind, Blue Moose have outline top features that most young entrepreneurs share:

1. Urgency. Statistics indicate that young entrepreneurs are starting earlier than ever - even Google recently hired a high school student aged 12, and more teenagers than college graduates. Blue Moose feel that businesses should not overlook the younger generation when looking to establish a strong workforce, as they are hungry and urgent for immediate results.

2. Elevated influence. With the majority of entrepreneurs accrediting a portion of their success to mentor encouragement, most young entrepreneurs seek guidance from idea-challenging mentors. The desire to push boundaries is high on the agenda for most young entrepreneurs, as they look to break new concepts or ideas into the market.

3. Maximising their strengths. Young entrepreneurs are smart enough to establish their weaknesses early doors and surround themselves with people who take care of these areas. In this way, they can maximise their strengths while simultaneously developing other areas that are currently lacking.

4. Never trading time for money. Network marketing companies are gathering pace, and their appeal is the high-reward output. By selecting projects where payment isn’t directly linked to time, those who are confident working to sales targets can progress at an accelerated rate. Blue Moose have noticed younger entrepreneurs are willing to take calculated risks and strongly dislike trading their time for money.

5. They don't worry what others think of them. Young entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve life altering success rarely stop to try and please their peers. By demonstrating courage, strength, and vision they can even help elevate others to similar success. Blue Moose are confident their publicised achievements are inspiring for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

6. Producer first, consumer second. Young business people are keen to become producers first and consumers second. By exploring opportunities to provide a product or a service that attracts business naturally, entrepreneurs are able to establish a place in a crowded market. Business models developed around this theory are often successful and allow the owners to lead a wealthy life.

Blue Moose is an outsourced sales and marketing firm currently based in Newcastle. The company specialises in a personalised form of direct marketing which allows them to connect with consumers on a face-to-face basis. These one-to-one connections with customers often help to encourage long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer.

Blue Moose are confident that, in turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients. Blue Moose regularly look to expand their clients’ market reach by expanding into new locations and hosting regular road trips into areas across the UK.

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What do Young Entrepreneurs Have in Common? Blue Moose Investigates