Western Circle Group released the first fully AMP-ready lending website offering the fastest response time in the industry.

London-based Western Circle Limited is the first company to launch a fully AMP-ready website in the payday loans market, making online loan applications faster and more mobile accessible than ever.

Last Thursday (16th November), Google made an announcement about AMP pages which do not contain the full content of the canonical page, but rather a small section of the content followed by a link to the non-AMP page for the rest of the content. Google describes these 'teaser pages' as creating a 'particularly bad user experience' and will not list them as AMP pages.

The AMP Challenge

Many websites have taken on the challenge of creating AMP versions of some of their pages. Although mobile users can now access the content of these pages much faster, it has often left them lacking the full experience of the canonical website. This led to some websites creating AMP pages that pushed a reader to go onto their main site – which is what Google is trying to put a stop to in their AMP update.

Western Circle Limited came up with a different solution.

Western Circle’s Solution

Western Circle launched a brand new website, QuickLoansExpress.co.uk, that is completely AMP. Developing their own technology from scratch, this unique move will allow both desktop and mobile users to experience the same fast loading speed and clear, user-friendly design when using the website.

Because the entire website is AMP, the user isn’t merely accessing a reduced form of the original website. Rather, they are engaging with Quick Loans Express in its fullest form, without compromising on speed. This factor is particularly important in the payday loan market, where speed and accessibility are two key issues.

What is QuickLoansExpress?

Quick Loans Express is a fully FCA-authorised online payday loans direct lender, allowing UK citizens to apply for fast loans of up to £2,000 with an online loan decision of just 90 seconds. Read more about their loans here. To speed up the process as much as possible, the entire website is AMP-ready, offering a fast and straightforward loan experience to consumers.

“When you’re in a financial emergency, every few seconds can seem like eternity. By creating an entirely AMP-ready website, we’ve sped up the loan process considerably for our applicants, offering them a fast-loading and clean website designed to help them out as much as possible,” explains Jeremy Lloyd, CEO.

Western Circle’s move has taken the mobile user’s experience to a whole new level. The entire site is 100% AMP-ready, meaning that mobile users will enjoy the fast loading throughout the entire website. Whether they want to check the FAQs, explore the blog, or find out more about QuickLoansExpress, everything they need is at their fingertips.

Visit the new website here.

About Western Circle Ltd:

Western Circle Limited is a technology and data driven lending company. The company develops and integrates technologies to enable affordable loans online under the new FCA regulations. These technologies include underwriting expert systems, online loan intelligence analytics, and proactive compliance management systems. WCL has already helped over 10,000 people in the UK alone to obtain affordable loans online, via its trading style https://www.cashfloat.co.uk. Western Circle Ltd aims to reinvent the science of affordable online loans and make this helpful and responsible financial instrument accessible to all clients across the UK.


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