Ventas Central Releases 3 Step Guide to Small Business Success

Chelmsford-based outsourced marketing and sales firm Ventas Central has released a 3-step guide to success for small business owners. The firm celebrated an 18% increase in sales in the first quarter of the year, and is on track to achieving similar success in quarter 2.

A spokesperson for Ventas Central explained: “We decided to release the guide as we feel that our success has largely come from having strong foundations and systems in place. We are concerned about aspiring entrepreneurs who dive in without a solid business plan. The ‘make it up as you go along’ plan may work for a small handful of businesses, but for most this is a recipe for failure.”

Ventas Central has outlined 3 key areas of small business planning which the firm’s director believes have contributed the most to their success:


Michael E Porter, Harvard professor and author of management book Competitive Strategy, advises business owners not to compete with rivals in the same sector, but instead to ‘compete by being unique’. Ventas Central has a clear USP which is valued in a broad range of markets. The company specialises in direct customer acquisition through face-to-face interactions with customers, usually in places of business, private residences or commercial areas. “There is nothing particularly unique about face-to-face marketing; it is a service every business needs to increase its brand value and customer base. Ventas Central differentiates itself by the standard of professionalism exhibited by our representatives, and by our guarantee to clients that they only need pay on satisfactory delivery of customers,” said a Ventas Central spokesperson.

About Ventas Central:


Ventas Central attributes its success during difficult economic times – the firm has evolved and grown through the most recent world recession – to a strong and effective management team who are able to respond quickly to changing market conditions. A Ventas Central spokesperson reported: “A key strength of our management force is their adaptability. The management team is constantly asking questions and seeking feedback from suppliers, employees, customers and clients in an effort to improve business processes.” Ventas Central’s management ethos echoes with David Hahn, vice-president of product management at LinkedIn, who was quoted in Entrepreneur magazine as saying: "A big part of leadership and a big part of being a disciplined manager is being able to ask really great questions." 

Market Knowledge

Ventas Central has a clear understanding and unprecedented local knowledge of the customers it serves and the markets it operates in. The smooth operation of a business requires an understanding of local and national law and compliance, customer expectations and market supply and demand - areas in which Ventas Central has strong expertise. The firm aims to expand into new markets both in the UK and overseas within the next 18 months. “Ventas Central’s success in Q1 of 2013 was helped by our extensive knowledge of the market and local customer buying behaviours. We will endeavour to replicate this as we expand the company into new markets,” said a source from Ventas Central.

Ventas Central is based in Chelmsford, Essex and provides outsourced marketing services for clients in the telecommunications, charity, media, finance, and cosmetics industries.


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