Utopia Creations go back to basics

Sales and marketing professionals, Utopia Creations have discussed the importance of perfecting the basics and outlined why many professionals fail when they skip this important business phase.

Utopia Creations has revealed that it is important to master the basics before moving on to more complicated steps. “You wouldn’t build a house’s interior without building strong foundations first,” revealed Managing Director, Rebecca Haigh.

Utopia Creations has outlined how when professionals think they are too clever or too good for the basics and decide to skip a step, this often leads to failure. The firm highlights how establishing a strong knowledge of industry and business basics is vital for success. This has therefore led Utopia Creations to host a series of workshops on the basics within their own industry.

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Utopia Creations took this opportunity to discuss the law of averages and the 8 steps with their contractors. The firm outlined how these are the vital first steps in the sales and marketing industry and how all of their contractors should perfect these before developing new skills.

The sales and marketing experts outlined to their contractors how they can master the 8 steps which are:

  1. 100% Effort – “Always put 100% into everything you do”
  2. Be Prepared – “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!”
  3. Be on Time – “Being on time ensures you are always on the front foot.”
  4. Work on your Territory Correctly – “Understanding the demographics of your clients enables you to tailor your pitch and approach which is crucial for successful sales.”
  5. Have a Great Attitude – “By having a great attitude you become acutely aware and constantly search for opportunities.”
  6. Maintain your Attitude – “How you maintain your attitude in the face of adversity is a crucial part of having a great attitude.”
  7. Know why you are there and what you are doing – “Having a clear understanding of your goals and expectations enables you to act with purpose.”
  8. Take Control – “Failing to take a proactive stance means you are leaving your fate to chance.”

The firm also discussed how the law of averages can help define their attitudes in order to be a success.

Utopia Creations feels that it was vital to discuss these basic steps with their new contractors as well as their experienced leaders and highlighted how it is always important to revisit the basic steps to ensure that everyone is still implementing these steps into their everyday thoughts and actions.

Utopia Creations runs important workshops which help to develop their contractor’s skill sets and enhance their attitudes towards success. The firm feels that this hands-on approach to learning encourages their contractors to achieve their goals.

Utopia Creations is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Leeds. The firm specialises in a unique form of marketing which allows the firm to connect with their clients’ ideal consumers via face-to-face marketing methods. This one-to-one interaction with consumers helps to drive long-lasting and personal business relationships between brand and consumer. In turn, this often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.


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