Transatlantic tinnitus associations team up to encourage innovative tinnitus research

3 December 2019 The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is partnering with colleagues from the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) to host an evening at the forthcoming Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Mid-Winter Meeting in San Jose, California. The joint networking event aims to bring together some of the world’s leading researchers and highlight the breadth of opportunities in the field for partnership working, innovative multi-disciplinary projects and the potential for new insights.

David Stockdale, Chief Executive of the British Tinnitus Association said: “We are excited to be showcasing recent developments in tinnitus research to a new audience. There has been a real focus recently on collaborative projects in the field, which have led to new knowledge and a deeper understanding of the condition. We want to bring even more people together to start even more discussions and to spark off each other, which could really push forward progress towards a cure.”

Torryn Brazell, Chief Executive Officer of the American Tinnitus Association added: “The ATA promotes synergy between dedicated medical professionals and researchers within the tinnitus community. With our colleagues at the BTA, we want to extend this community to bring in new groups, who will bring with them new insight and experiences.”

David commented:”The ARO Mid-Winter meeting is the premier basic science meeting for hearing and balance researchers. Torryn and I are really keen to bring researchers together to facilitate the kind of discussions and partnerships that we know could bring huge benefits to the millions of people currently living with tinnitus.”

The joint BTA/ATA meeting will be held on Saturday 25 January 2020 during the ARO 43rd Annual Mid-Winter Meeting.


Editors Notes

  • The British Tinnitus Association is an independent charity which supports over 1 million people per year who experience tinnitus and advises medical professionals from across the world. It is the primary source of support and information for people with tinnitus in the UK. 
  • Not an illness or disease, tinnitus is a term that describes the sensation of hearing a noise in the absence of an external sound. The noise can have virtually any quality. Ringing, whistling, and buzzing are common, but more complex sounds may also be reported.
  • About 1 in 3 people will experience tinnitus at some point in their life. Over 7 million adults in the UK are living with persistent tinnitus, and for 10% of them, it can severely impact their quality of life, affecting sleep, mood, concentration, employment and relationships.
  • There are around 1.05 million GP consultations for tinnitus in the UK each year, and tinnitus costs the NHS £750 million annually, with a cost to society of £2.7 billion per year.
  • The number of people living with tinnitus in the UK is set to rise by more than half a million people by 2028

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Transatlantic tinnitus associations team up to encourage innovative tinnitus research