Tinnitus Support Group established in Bristol

A new group to support local people with tinnitus has now established itself in Bristol. The next meeting will take place on Saturday 23 July 2016, 3pm at Coniston Community Centre, The Parade, Coniston Road, Patchway, Bristol, BS34 5LP.

Kelly, who attended the group’s first meeting said, “I attended the first meeting which was friendly, relaxed and positive, it makes such a difference to be able to have contact with other people in this environment and I am looking forward to attending future meetings.”

Dave Carr, BTA Volunteering and Engagement Manager comments: “Having seen this group in operation I can fully endorse what it is doing and would encourage anyone who is struggling with their tinnitus to go along and meet the group. Parminder creates a really supportive atmosphere and you can clearly see people benefiting from the mutual support that a group like this offers. Lots of different people came along, all with their own experience of tinnitus. I think the real benefit of a group like this is being able to chat to other people about a condition that is rarely discussed outside of meetings.”

Tinnitus is defined as the experience of sounds with no external source, most commonly ringing or buzzing, but sometimes experienced as whooshing, clicking or even music. Many people aren’t troubled by sounds they hear, but for around 10%, the condition has a significant impact on their quality of life, often linked to stress, anxiety or sometimes depression.

Dave adds: “Tinnitus can be an isolating condition, with friends and family struggling to understand how it feels to adapt to the presence of loud or persistent noises. Some people choose to bring a partner or family member to the meetings, which can often help both parties understand more about the condition and the experiences or behaviours it can bring.”

Parminder comments, “It’s great to have a new tinnitus support group up and running in Bristol. A really friendly bunch of people came to the first meeting and they obviously got lots of help and support from meeting other people with tinnitus and hearing how they manage it.”

If you would like to find out more, please contact Parminder at pmunde25@gmail.com or the BTA on 0114 250 9933.


Editors Notes

The British Tinnitus Association (BTA) is an independent charity which supports thousands of people who experience tinnitus and advises medical professionals from across the world.

The BTA is the primary source of support and information for people with tinnitus in the UK, facilitating an improved quality of life.

They aim to encourage prevention through its educational programme and to seek effective treatment for tinnitus through a medical research programme.

The support the BTA offers to 335,000 people per year who are affected by tinnitus is reliant upon the generous donations of their supporters and fundraisers. They receive no government support and need to raise half a million pounds each year to continue their UK wide support. Donations can be made via www.justgiving.com/BTA

Not an illness or disease, tinnitus is a term that describes the sensation of hearing a noise in the absence of an external sound. The noise can have virtually any quality. Ringing, whistling, and buzzing are common, but more complex sounds may also be reported. Troublesome tinnitus can be very distressing for the affected individual, and issues may arise with sleep, concentration and mood. However, in many cases, subtle changes in people’s environment can address these issues, and improve quality of life.

The experienced team at the BTA understands the impact that tinnitus can have on the lives of those who experience tinnitus and those who live with them, so seeks to provide the most appropriate and expert advice and information free of charge – via a confidential freephone helpline on 0800 018 0527 and online at www.tinnitus.org.uk. The BTA can also post printed and audio information and advice.

Visit the BTA’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BritishTinnitusAssociation and follow the BTA on Twitter at www.twitter.com/BritishTinnitus

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