Sands Films Studio, in Rotherhithe, London, is hosting a two weeks (1stto 15thNovember) series of public events to mark the centenary of the 1918 Armistice and the completion of Christine Edzard's new film “The Good Soldier Schwejk” after Jaroslav Hašek classic anti-war satire.

The series of events includes debates and lectures linking the experiences and lessons of the past with our present times, one hundred years after they said it would be the last war: the war that would end all wars... ROBERT FISK will talk about the Armistice on Remembrance Sunday, ANDREW FEINSTEIN and PAUL HOLDEN will talk about the arms trade; MARY KALDOR will talk about the failure of International Law's in our new wars. Lindsey German; Carol Turner; Shami Chakrabarti; Lowkey; Darren Cullen and others will also contribute. Veterans for Peace; Amnesty International; CND; Stop The War and other groups will be represented.

This series of events includes previews of a new and independent British film: an adaptation of Jaroslav Hašek “THE GOOD SOLDIER SCHWEJK”. The 1923 novel has provided inspiration for numerous plays, book sequels, films and TV adaptations. Many, including Joan Littlewood and Bertolt Brecht, have used Schwejk to bring their anti war message to their respective contemporary audiences. Christine Edzard's film is in that tradition: above all, war is absurd. If WWI was absurd then, present day wars are just as absurd now. The film features Joe Armstrong; Kevin Brewer; Sean Gilder; Shona McWilliams; Michael Mears; Aaron Neil; Andrew Tiernan; Michelle Wade and Alfie Stewart as The Soldier Schwejk.

Also presented are several live performances and plays all linked by a common theme: the Conscientious Objector.

OVER THE TOP“ and “AND THE BEAT GOES ON” by Journeymen Theatre

THIS EVIL THING” by Michael Mears

DEVILS ON HORSEBACK” by Creative Vortex Production

WHITE FEATHER BOXER” by Take the Space

Humanist and internationalist anti-war films made between the two wars:

NIEMANDSLAND(1931 Germany) Banned and destroyed by the Nazis, a single copy survived. This will be the UK premiere. Dir Victor Trivas

OKRAINA(1932 USSR) Glorious, lyrical, comical early Soviet sound film, and a brilliant anti-war film. Dir. Boris Barnet

LA GRANDE ILLUSION(1937 France) Perhaps no other film expresses the idea of freedom as well as this one. Dir. Jean Renoir

This series of events is not for profit and Sands Films is not the recipient of any grant.

Booking is open now.

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