The Portfolio Platform: Prepare To Change How You Invest

The Portfolio Platform could well be the fintech company we’ve all been waiting for. It sets the new standard for modern investing. Professional traders have only ever been able to profit via the investment banks or hedge funds designed to make the rich richer.

Well now we can all tap into this heightened level of investing via TPP's cutting edge ‘autotrade’ system. It is now possible to subscribe to some of the best traders from all over the globe. What this means is actually really very simple. You register with TPP, place money with one of the many brokers on offer, choose your traders of choice and click ‘autotrade’. That’s it. Your money then goes to work for you. This software has the potential to revolutionise how investors manage their own portfolios.

The traders you subscribe to are trading their own accounts to build their own capital so there is no question about whether they are making the best decisions they can.

Every time they make a trade on their own book, your account will automatically place the very same trade.You don’t pay any management fee or performance fee as TPP are a 'software company'. All you do for the privilege of being able to tap into the best traders on offer is pay a small monthly subscription fee.

It couldn’t be more simple. This is a fantastic way to curb the growing trend of retail investors trying to trade for themselves and losing vast amounts of money. Trading is not easy. Three quarters of all traders on platforms lose money in the retail market, but not on TPP.

Historical performance is provided and is 100% accurate and certified by The Portfolio Platform. The quality of traders available is unlike anything we’ve seen before. We can’t sing their praises enough. If this is what it takes to control the rise in ‘gambling’ in the retail market place, then we welcome it with open arms.

If you can employ the best of the best from around the world from as little as £50 per month then why wouldn’t you. The only work you need to do is decide which of the fantastic traders on offer you wish to include in your portfolio.

This is definitely the future of investing.

We've previously featured companies like Etoro, Freetrade and Robin Hood who in our opinion 'have made trading easy'. However, TPP seem to have 'made trading easy, and profitable'. Now that really could change the market place as we know it.

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Here at Team EFN we will continue to scour the market for other strategies and funds that may interest investors in this market place.

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The Portfolio Platform: Prepare To Change How You Invest