The Portfolio Platform 'autotrade' software provides investor's with an edge.

New platform launch offers retail investors easy access to expert trading strategies.

The Portfolio Platform (TPP) is a new online platform that enables professional traders to exhibit their strategies to the retail market. Investors can select from a number of strong performing portfolios, accessing trading opportunities that have until now been the preserve of larger scale investors.

Investors are linked to traders via using their cutting edge autotrading technology. On this site, investors can review the performance history of each trader, verified by the Portfolio Platform team, and select those best suited to their investment needs.

Some traders specialise in FX, some in equity futures, others in commodities – essentially all options are open, including the choice to short the market as well as go long, thereby opening up an avenue for those retail investors who may have believed the only option for them in the equity market is to buy and wait.

Autotrading software means that when the trader places an order in the market each of the portfolios that are linked to them via the platform places the exact same order (scaled to funds under management).

The traders are trading their own money and the platform makes transparent how much they have invested via the platform. This limits unnecessary risk taking, as investors know the traders will lose their own money if they do so. Trader strategies are explained on the site and it’s up to the investor to identify and choose the right one for them.

Furthermore, the investors keep all the profit - there is no performance fee or management fee - just a low subscription fee from as little as £50 per month. Everything is linked automatically via TPP’s software and the traders are paid by the platform on the back of an investor subscribing to their portfolio.

Ed Davies, co-founder of TPP, and an experienced trader himself, explains: ‘The philosophy behind The Portfolio Platform is to make professional trading available to all retail investors for a small monthly fee. Our traders are based all over the world, Toronto, Beijing, London, New York - there are no boundaries stopping us from using the best. If they are good enough - and they can prove it to us - then we can put them on the site and make their strategies available for anyone to autotrade – via our innovative software'.

He continues: There has been a lot in the press recently about investing as a form of ‘gambling’. Somewhere in the region of 78% of all retail investors lose money by setting up their own accounts but not really knowing what they are doing. We are hoping more people will join our site and by doing so, join the 22% who are reaping rewards from the market. People should enjoy the process and be excited by the potential upside, but the platform is ultimately about allowing the professionals to make the real decisions and saving those with little or no experience from losing their hard earned money.’

The Portfolio Platform gives investors total control over their finances. It is the way investing should be. It’s transparent, affordable and there are no hidden costs. The average return for the traders listed on the site over the last year has been over 15% with some posting far higher returns. It has brought professional investing to the retail market, but not only that, they will only showcase the very best of the best. 

They've made believers of EFN, and provided with the opportunity- they'll probably do likewise for investors around the globe.

Click here to watch how to use The Portfolio Platform. It might assist you with the edge you've been seeking.

Here at Team EFN we will continue to scour the market for other strategies and funds that may interest investors in this market place.

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The Portfolio Platform 'autotrade' software provides investor's with an edge.