The Grandroid Smartphone - NEW Amplicomms M9000

Only 3% of over 65's own a Smartphone!

The new Amplicomms M9000 has all the benefits of an Android touch screen with hardware and software specially adapted for the less tech savvy. Features include a unique easy-to-use operating system with big icons, loud, clear sound for people who are hard of hearing, superb hearing aid compatibility, and SOS button for emergencies.

The timing of the M9000's launch could not be better: record numbers of Britons are reaching retirement age. According to Age UK*, there are 10.8 million people aged 65 or over in the UK and well over 22 million people aged 50 and over – that's over a third of the total UK population. Yet just 19% of over those aged 55-64 have a smartphone and only 3% of over 65s.

Smartphone's are increasingly central to our lives. As government services go online, getting access to technology is crucial to ensure older generations are not excluded. So the M9000 is great for what's being called "digital inclusion". Its users can benefit from so many features that younger smartphone owners take for granted: for example, shopping online, using free Android apps to read novels or enjoying video chats with grandchildren via services like Skype.

Dual operating system

Users can choose whether to use the M9000's Android operating system – with access to over a million apps, most of them free – or the unique and easy-to-use Amplicomms operating system with its extra-large icons, intuitive menus and large, easy-to-read text and built-in apps including a music player, calendar, email and internet browser. It's easy to switch between the two operating systems in the phone's menu.

Louder and clearer

The M9000 boasts special features for the hard of hearing, making it the perfect gift for anyone who regularly misses calls because they can't hear the ringer or finds it hard to hear the person at the other end of the line. It offers super-clear sound with a very loud volume that's 100 times louder than standard mobiles (40dB) and a ringtone as loud as an approaching train (up to 90dB). It also offers the world's highest level of hearing-aid compatibility (T4/M4).

Emergency service

We all appreciate having a phone to hand when there's an emergency so older users, or people living independently, will be reassured by the SOS button on the rear of the M9000. This can be programmed to call or text selected numbers in an emergency with a press of a button.

Dual SIM cards

Two SIM card slots let users switch between two phone numbers with ease. In remote areas using two networks can increase their chance of coverage. While on holiday abroad they can make affordable calls on a local SIM card for affordable calls with no roaming charges, while still being able to receive calls on their usual number in an emergency.

Smartphone Benefits

Plus of course the M9000 brings all the other benefits existing users take for granted. The lightweight phone can be used to take photos and videos, store and play music, and to stay in touch with friends and family using email, Facebook or video chat apps like Skype. The phone's memory can be expanded up to 64GB, enough for the largest music collection and a near-infinite album of photos of the grandchildren.

The M9000 is louder, lighter and offers superior sound quality compared with rival products. Sleek looking, easy to use and packed with carefully thought-out extra features for older users – the Amplicomms M9000 truly is the first smartphone ever that's accessible to all.

Pricing, availability and stockists:

The Amplicomms M9000 costs £139.99 SIM-free and is available

Tel: 0800 032 1301

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