Taking Advantage of The Stock Market Reversal

The Portfolio Consultancy (TPC) who typically design trading strategies and risk mitigation approaches for Asset Managers and Hedge Funds, have recently launched a strategy that aims to take advantage of the undervalued worldwide stock markets.

Fresh from the launch of their MSI Alpha and MSI50 Absolute strategies last year, which has gained a large following and many plaudits, the 'TPC Global Equity Strategy' is expected to become very popular for investors around the globe.

With exposure in Stock Index trades only, it eliminates the risk of individual companies struggling to reverse their fortunes as this uncertain climate eventually subsides. The exposure will be diversified across major markets including the FTSE, S&P, CAC and DAX, and followers of the strategy have the choice to track the strategy 1 for 1, or take on a leveraged position up to 3 x's the market movements.

With a technical analysis overlay placed over the strategy, it means that in extreme adverse market climates, the strategy also has the opportunity to take a 'flat' position or a small 'short sell' position. However, this strategy is designed to take advantage of what many believe is a very undervalued equity market place worldwide, and should be perceived as a sophisticated tracker proposition.

TPC design strategies like this, and host them with UK Asset Managers, meaning it's very easy for an investor to 'follow' these strategies, due to their 'trade copy strategy' structure.
TPC's MSI Alpha strategies have gained a loyal following and Team EFN will be watching closely to see if this strategy can do likewise.

For further information on TPC please visit their website on www.theportfolioconsultancy.co.uk 

Here at Team EFN we will continue to scour the market for other strategies that may interest investors in this market place.

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Taking Advantage of The Stock Market Reversal