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Is your company stagnant in its growth? Is there a process for continuous innovation and improvement? Do leadership and employees have a growth mindset and the tools to implement a strategic growth plan? Is revenue and profit stagnant from quarter to quarter, year to year? Is your organization struggling to find ways for unique differentiation as competitors come into the market? Is there a systematic approach to plan growth strategies?

Through my decades of helping Silicon Valley companies scale and grow, I have encountered numerous challenges and found effective mechanisms to face these challenges. Companies often struggle to adopt a mindset of continuous innovation and thus are stagnant in the marketplace. Their revenues and profit margins do not grow from quarter to quarter. Company leadership and employees are frustrated that their companies aren’t raising increased growth rounds of funding or improving their stock prices.

In assisting each company as a strategic growth advisor, I’ve adopted tools and methodologies that companies can implement to disrupt their current practices. Leadership and employees can embrace new ways of thinking which can lead their actions into better outcomes. The company itself can explore and compare alternate pathways in the marketplace to improve the legitimacy or value of its products and thus increase bottom-line profitability.

As a company struggling with growth, ask yourself these questions.
1. Are there processes in place for continuous innovation and improvement?
2. How often and with what tools are growth strategies evaluated?
3. How can leadership or employees change their mindset to embrace growth?
4. How can bottom-line revenues and profit increase in time?
5. How do digital transformation and data analytics assist with business growth?

Outcomes- What Will Your Company Achieve As A Result Of This Course?

The outcomes of this course will be many and resonate through every aspect of your business.

First, a culture of continuous innovation and improvement will be established. This culture will lay the groundwork for all other aspects of strategic growth that your business will undertake. Leadership and employees will thrive in this culture and the direction of the business will leap forward in a manner that embraces change.

Second, your company will have the tools to evaluate growth strategies. Whether it may be enhancements to your product, marketing to new segments of customers, or a complete pivot in the direction of product development or distribution, avenues for growth need to be understood and evaluated properly. This course will give you the necessary and specific tools to evaluate growth channels.

Third, your staff will embrace a mindset shift. Company employees will have the tools and frame of mind to constantly evaluate their work with a critical eye, express their thoughts where there can be improvements, and strive for maximized output for efficiency. This growth mindset will directly impact the company’s strategic growth plan and include all company staff in planning and implementing influential strategies for growth.

Fourth, the revenue and profit from your products and services will grow from quarter to quarter, year to year. Ultimately, the numbers speak for itself. Showing that your financial bottom line is trending upward will be critical to securing more funding if you are growing or improving your stock price if your company is public. It is critical to show fiscal success in your company’s public and private profile.

Lastly, your company will embrace and implement the latest data analytics tools and use best practices for digital transformation. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, your company needs to embrace the technology that will keep it cutting-edge in terms of understanding the competitive landscape, how your products or services are performing, and abreast of real-time information.

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