Spotlight on MORCHER; high-quality implants for cataract and refractive surgery

Harlow, UK – 11th November 2019 - John Weiss & Son, the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard ophthalmic micro-surgical instruments and procedures, is proud to be an authorised UK distributor for MORCHER, one of the leading international manufacturers of medical products for eye surgery.

As an Intraocular Lens (IOL) specialist, MORCHER develops innovative solutions for complicated and difficult eye surgery, including; implants for cataract and refractive surgery, Capsular Tension Rings (CTRs), aniridia implants and various special implants.

MORCHER foldable Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are sterile optical medical devices designed to replace or supplement the human crystalline lens. The range of lenses include; the hydrophobic and hydrophilic acrylic lenses, the one-piece PMMA IOLs, IOLs for scleral fixation and the special microphthalmus and myopia lenses, for the treatment of extreme cases of long and short-sightedness.

The popular hydrophilic group of IOLs are made of acrylic material that is foldable and positioned in the capsular bag or sulcus. It includes a ‘bag-in-the-lens’ range which prevents PCO in the visual field and the 90s range which prevents negative dysphotopsia.

MORCHER’s pre-loaded, single-use CTRs offer safer, less complicated surgery. They are used in cases of defective or partly-missing zonules, in potentially complicated surgical conditions or to stabilise the capsule in cases of severe myopia.

The range of rings, which includes CTRs, Cionni rings, capsular ring segments and capsular edge rings, reduce the risk of damaging the capsule or zonula during surgery. They simplify the implantation of foldable IOLs, due to better centering of the lens. This is beneficial in cases of future capsular bag shrinkage.

MORCHER’s invention of special implants, such as the pinhole implant for severe corneal astigmatism and the diplopia implants for neuro-ophthalmic disorders have improved the quality of life for many ophthalmic patients. The invention of the pupil dilator has enabled surgeons to perform safer surgery and achieve better results.

For more information on the MORCHER range, please visit or call 01279 883858.

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Spotlight on MORCHER; high-quality implants for cataract and refractive surgery