Spotlight on John Weiss & Son trusted brand; FEATHER scalpels, blades & holders

Harlow, UK – 23rd August 2019 - John Weiss & Son, the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard ophthalmic micro-surgical instruments and procedures, is proud to be the Authorised UK Distributor for the World-class FEATHER range of ophthalmic scalpels, blades and holders.

FEATHER is a global market leader in the manufacture of high-quality surgical cutting instruments. The range includes; the FEATHER standard range of surgical instruments, a diverse ophthalmic MICRO FEATHER range and a portfolio of highly-specialised microsurgical instruments.

The FEATHER Standard Range of surgical instruments includes; disposable scalpels, safety scalpels, surgical blades & handles and blade removers. Due to their optimised micrometre-accurate precision grinding, FEATHER standard surgical scalpels offer outstanding quality and performance. The double-honing process ensures ultra-sharp cutting edges of superb durability.

The FEATHER ophthalmic MICRO FEATHER range is the most diverse available. It includes; sideports, phaco & enlargement incisions, tunnel incisions & preparation of flaps and incisions with pre-defined incision depth scalpels. Blade handles can be aluminium, plastic or Safeshield handles, with a blade type of either straight or angled. Due to the quality of the stainless steel and the exceptional manufacturing process, these provide ultimate cutting consistency and sharpness.

Constituting an ideal system of inter-changeable blades and handles, FEATHER Microsurgical Instruments are flexible and efficient. They are easy-to-handle, very durable and have ultra-sharp cutting edges, reducing the risk of tissue injury during incision. The handles are made from titanium alloy and have an ideal weight to ensure a secure grip and safe handling of the instruments.

Unique in design, the Microsurgical instrument portfolio offers highly-specialised solutions for neurosurgeons, including blades designed for cutting Dura Mater and Arachnoid Membrane, in addition to other brain tissues.

For more information on FEATHER blades, please visit or call 01279 883858.

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Spotlight on John Weiss & Son trusted brand; FEATHER scalpels, blades & holders