Song For First Contact - The World's Longest Recorded Song - 48 Hours Long!

News provided by Nub Music on Monday 10th May 2021

UK indie band The Pocket Gods are known for their Guinness Record Breaking albums of 30 second songs but now they've released the world's longest ever released song running at an astonishing 48 hours long!

The track is called - Song For First Contact - and is inspired by the recent revelations from ex US Government official Luis Elizondo who was in charge of the Pentagons secret UFO program (AATIP) and has recently said that that there is evidence that we are not alone!

The song was recorded to raise awareness of what could be the imminent first contact between aliens and the human race. Pocket Gods' frontman Mark Christopher Lee said:

"There is more and more evidence which is being verified by governments all around the world that we are being visited by craft which are not of earthly origin. I believe that first contact between ourselves and extra terrestrial beings is imminent and this will bring profound changes to all aspects of our lives including our meaning and place in the Universe."

The track will be released on all digital platforms at the end of May but you can hear the song now at the Soundcloud link below:

The track is slit into 16 sections each 3 hours long.

The band add that you can either listen to this 1 song for 2 days or 6,000 of their 30 second tracks. The royalty for 1 song play is around £0.003p on Spotify whatever the length of the song as long as it is at least 30 seconds long. So the band are not releasing this track to rake in the royalties but to highlight the lack of fair and transparent royalties from Spotify and other streaming services. 

The band have so far released 9 albums of just 30 second songs - with the ethos of we're only getting paid a tiny royalty - so why write longer songs? 

So the band infamous for their 30 second songs have now recorded the world's longest song running at a staggering 48 hours long!

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