Save money through nine cheaper, low-risk alternatives to payday loans revealed by Cashfloat, UK lender.

Skip payday loans and save money with these practical solutions from payday lender, designed to help UK citizens resolve financial crises without payday loans., a trading style of Western Circle Limited, releases a detailed guide containing various financial emergencies that can crop up. For each scenario, Cashfloat offers several different practical solutions to either avoid spending the money, or find a way to obtain it without payday loans.

The guide discusses many situations, including the following:

  • Urgent car repairs
  • Emergency medical bills
  • Fixing/replacing home appliances
  • Shopping for clothes
  • Pay off another payday loan

Cashfloat is constantly rolling out campaigns to help UK citizens with their finances, whether by providing them with premium payday loans when they need, or by helping them avoid loans in the first place. This guide is very effective in preventing people from unnecessarily applying for payday loans by outlining simple and practical alternatives for various specific scenarios.

A payday loan is not always the answer

The payday loan market is a necessary one, but it’s often misused by people looking for the easy way out of a short term money flow problem. An emergency payday loan can be the right option in certain circumstances, but there are often cheaper alternatives that people don’t stop to consider.

“Payday loans are by design easy to apply for. This can prevent people from properly thinking through whether they truly need one, so we decided to compile this fantastic guide which lays out clearly what the alternatives are in many common situations. We’re really excited about this, as it has the potential to save many people a lot of money,” says Kelly Richards, project coordinator.

By helping to eradicate payday loan misuse, this guide is a big step forward in Cashfloat’s mission to revolutionise the payday loan market and supply better payday loans than ever.

About Cashfloat is a trading style of Western Circle Limited; an FCA-fully authorised direct lender. The Cashfloat model is based on fundamentally good morals and very advanced artificial intelligence technology designed to help and protect people taking payday loans online.


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Save money through nine cheaper, low-risk alternatives to payday loans revealed by Cashfloat, UK lender.