SarcoidosisUK. The new name for The Sarcoidosis and Interstitial Lung Association (SILA)

The “Sarcoidosis and Interstitial Lung Association”, commonly known as SILA, have changed their name to the simpler and more memorable “SarcoidosisUK”.

The new name allows the charity to more clearly and immediately communicate what it does. It allows those affected to more easily identify the charity as a source of information and support – which in turn means more people can be reached and helped.

The decision was made unanimously by all trustees and members and the charity’s Annual General Meeting.

As part of the rebrand, SarcoidosisUK have launched a new logo (see image below) providing a fresh new look while maintaining the special symbolism of the dandelion logo. The dandelion represents the sarcoidosis patient. The sarcoidosis ‘wind’ is shown irreparably damaging the body - how hard and how long the wind blows is individual to each person. That means sarcoidosis remains a lottery that SarcoidosisUK are working hard to change.

Henry Shelford, SarcoidosisUK commented: “Sarcoidosis is a complicated and little-known about condition - patients suffer greatly from lack of awareness and proper research. We are very excited about the new name and logo; they will help to make SarcoidosisUK immediately recognisable as the authority on sarcoidosis in the UK. This recognition will improve the charity’s reach amongst patients, medical practitioners and the public. Increased support will improve SarcoidosisUK’s ability to provide high quality information and support to sarcoidosis patients as well as funding more world-class research into finding a cure for the disease.”

Find out more about the SarcoidosisUK’s work, make a donation, or get in touch on their new website:

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SarcoidosisUK. The new name for The Sarcoidosis and Interstitial Lung Association (SILA)