Privilege Promotions Review 7 Common Reason People Don’t Achieve their Goals

The New Year is commonly a time for reflection, with many setting resolutions and goals, however, most will fail to follow through. Birmingham-based Privilege Promotions have revealed the seven main reasons people fail to reach their goals.

Effective goal setting is one of the first things that Privilege Promotions teach their staff and contractors; goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about the ideal future and for being motivated enough to turn the idea into a reality.

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The firm believes that if people are setting goals but aren’t making progress, they need to analyse and change their approach. Here the company outlines the seven main reasons why people commonly aren’t reaching their goals.

1 - It’s not what you actually want. If the goal is not right for the person, then achieving it won’t make them any happier. It is important to be clear about what you want and then set appropriate goals to resonate with this.

2 - They’re not specific enough. It is important to break the big goal down into small goals that are more manageable. By achieving the smaller goals, an individual is closer to reaching the larger goal.

3 - You don’t have a deadline. Goals must be timely; people’s minds work much more efficiently when there is a deadline.

4 - Too many distractions. A person needs time to focus on a goal long enough to be able to turn it into a reality. This is hard to do with everyday distractions, to it is important to remove these.

5 - Not being consistent. Consistency is the key to progress; it is important to keep working on your goals every day to see them turn into a reality.

6 - You listen to the naysayers. It’s okay for other people to have different goals than you. Be ruthless with your goals and stick to them.

7 - Always remember your ‘why’. It is vital to remember the reason why you are doing this and why you want to achieve the goal.

"Most people use the end of the year to look back and reflect on their life and the goals that they have and haven't achieved and then use it as the perfect time to set new goals and plans of action for the new year ahead," explained Will Ross from Privilege Promotions. "Most people find it hard to stick to goals and new year’s resolutions, which is why goals need to be specific and achievable. If they aren’t, then a person is more likely to give up," added the Mr Ross.

Privilege Promotions is a dynamic event-based direct marketing company based in the centre of Leicester and is expanding throughout the East Midlands. The firm provides clients with cost-effective and innovative marketing solutions, which allow them to expand business activities into new target markets, boosting sales revenues. Also, their face-to-face marketing techniques create a positive and personal experience for their customers.



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