Privilege Promotions End the Week with Super Challenge Fridays

Making a final push for sales and ending the week on a high is a mentality being adopted by Privilege Promotions CEO Will Ross. Here he reveals why he has been introducing a bit of friendly competition into the company's Friday proceedings.

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Business owner Will Ross likes to take advantage of the firm's perfect location right in the middle of Birmingham's bustling town centre and has begun promoting Super Challenge Friday, in a bid to end the week on a fun note.

The concept of Fun Friday Challenge is asking for two people to volunteer to challenge each other. These two individuals will then head out into the field, competing for the prize of top sales person. Whoever achieves the most amount of sales is granted the prize of finishing their Friday early.

“It has always been important for me to create a fun working environment, as this has always been the kind of atmosphere I want to work in and how I want to run my business,” Will Ross explains. “Asking my workforce to challenge one another every so often encourages friendly competition and is a great way to improve their goal setting skills, and allows them to work together and bond with others in the office who they might not normally work with.”

Due to the enormous success of Super Challenge Fridays so far, Mr Ross is considering other competition ideas, in the hope of propelling the efforts of his workforce and offering more enticing incentives to work towards. “Challenges are just a bit of fun which not only drives sales but also motivates people,” he explains. “Having the Super Challenges fall on a Friday has proven to eradicate any end of the week slacking, and I think it's played a vital role in motivating people to make that last minute push, finishing the week on a well deserved high.”

Privilege Promotions is a direct sales and marketing firm which provides clients with a vast and diverse customer base while offering a unique and personalised service to each one of those customers, leaving them feeling valued and respected by the brand. Through providing this service, the firm has managed to expand their clientele 15% since their establishment in 2014.


Privilege Promotions, founded in April 2014, is a lively, dynamic, thriving direct marketing company based in the centre of Birmingham and is expanding throughout the West Midlands. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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