Precision Acquisitions Direct Outline the Importance of Precision

Being part of their identity, Precision Acquisitions Direct is adamant that precision is central to professional success, and has released a statement on the importance of precision in the modern business world.

London-based Precision Acquisitions Direct is the home of quality experiential marketing campaigns. The company specialises in quality event marketing campaigns that connect consumers to brands and helps to secure long term brand loyalty. Working directly with their clients, the firm creates and implements pop up events that drive customer engagement and open a clear line of communication between brands and their consumers. Focusing on one on one communication allows Precision Acquisitions Direct to deliver memorable brand experiences, which increases their clients customer acquisition, retention and weekly ROI.


‘Precision; or the quality, condition or fact of being exact and accurate is imperative to business success’ stated a spokesperson from Precision Acquisitions Direct in a statement released last week. In the current climate of uncertainty, where Brexit is still holding a question mark over the future of UK enterprise, and Scotland preparing to make another bid for independence, precision could be the only constant for many business professionals. Committing to precision is taking the ultimate control, and leaving little margin for error. In many areas of life, precision is critical, for example a brain surgeon must have precision when operating, or there could be catastrophic consequences for their patient. A deep sea diver must be precise when underwater, timing their rise to the surface just right so that they have enough oxygen to last. Precision Acquisitions Direct believe that while in business the consequences are not life and death, the stakes are still high and precision remains a critical component.

In the statement released last week, Precision Acquisitions Direct outlined research into how precision and planning can directly influence success. In a study published in 2010, the business growth of 11,046 companies was monitored and the results highlighted the impact planning had on business performance, not just for new companies finding their feet, but for established organisations. The firm has deduced that planning for success has such a significant impact due to the line between success and failure being incredibly fine. Being precise; planning and preparing for all potential outcomes allows professionals to remain on their chosen path and overcome any challenges they encounter on their way to the top.

Precision Acquisitions Direct is urging people to take a more planned approach to their success. The firm is adamant that by nurturing a detail orientated mind-set and a determined attitude can support growth both personal and professional growth in the current climate of uncertainty.

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Precision Acquisitions Direct Outline the Importance of Precision