PetRescue UK & Ireland: Making pet adoption the first choice

PetRescue UK & Ireland has launched a Crowd Funding Campaign to support the implementation of an innovative new pet adoption platform to make pet adoption the first choice in the UK and Ireland.

“We know from research that people want to adopt pets, but finding the right pet to adopt can be a lengthy and complicated process with potential owners scrolling through endless rescue websites to find their perfect pet,” explains Colleen Long, Founder of PetRescue UK & Ireland. “The frustration and disappointment of being rejected as a potential adoptee, due to lifestyle choices, means that many people decide it’s quicker and easier to purchase a pet instead; unwittingly fuelling unethical breeding practices and the puppy farm trade”.

She continues, “At PetRescue UK, we want every rescue animal, whether a dog, cat, rabbit, horse or any other species, to find their loving home sooner. That is why we are launching the PetRescue UK & Ireland platform to help simplify the process, and ensure that the right owner is matched with the right pet.”

The PetRescue UK and Ireland platform has been successfully used in Australia for over 17 years. It uses proven technology to carefully match pets with potential owners, according to their personal needs and circumstances; enabling prospective pet owners to filter their search and to quickly find, or be notified of, a suitable rescue within a specific location.

Only reputable rescues are able to join the platform, giving pet adopters the peace of mind that they are dealing with genuine rescues. Once a match has been made the process of adoption is undertaken by the rescue with the potential owner.

“With the end of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in sight, this platform is needed now more than ever,” explains Colleen Long. “The number of rescue animals is expected to increase with people returning to work. That is why we are committed to raising enough funds to launch this platform as soon as possible, so that rescues of all shapes and sizes, can find their forever home sooner.”

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About PetRescue UK & Ireland

Charity Buddy is a registered charity in England, no 1189284. One of its charitable objectives is to implement a national pet adoption platform. PetRescue UK & Ireland is the pet adoption platform brand name and will be governed and run by Charity Buddy. For more information, visit our Facebook page @petrescueuki

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