Payday Lenders’ Secret Revealed in Video, Cashfloat Explains How to Make Big Savings on Your Payday Loan

The Big Reveal: Payday lenders' internal secret is released in an informative video from, a premium UK payday lender, advising UK consumers how to make large savings on a payday loan., a trading style of Western Circle Limited, continues helping UK citizens save money through educational campaigns. The latest release is a video (view here) containing a “big secret”; it explains how early repayment – even just a minimal amount – can generate significant savings on interest. The more a borrower repays, and the earlier they do so, the more they save.

“It often happens that a payday loan borrower finds some extra cash during their loan. They could pay it towards their loan, but many people don’t realise that this can result in some very real savings, and just stick to the original repayment plan. That’s why we at Cashfloat decided to produce this video, raising awareness about the financial advantages of early repayment,” explains Jeremy Lloyd, CEO at WCL.

Cashfloat is a direct lender who offers their borrowers a unique amount of flexibility with regards to early repayment, encouraging borrowers to repay early any amount at any time, saving money on interest. They do not charge any fees or penalties for early repayment. The technology involved is designed to emphasise potential savings by allowing borrowers to enter any amount into the calculator and see how much money they would save by repaying that amount today.

“We always do our best to help our customers save, but those who borrow from other lenders may not be aware of this. That’s the point of this video, to help all payday loan borrowers save money,” explains Mr Lloyd.

In a detailed yet clear manner, the video talks the viewer through the way that interest charges are calculated on payday loans, before revealing the “secret” that lenders often try not to publicise. Through taking advantage of early repayment, UK payday loan borrowers can ease their financial difficulties. View the video here.

About Cashfloat is a trading style of Western Circle Limited; an FCA-fully authorised direct lender. The Cashfloat model is based on fundamentally good morals and very advanced artificial intelligence technology designed to help and protect people taking payday loans online.


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Payday Lenders’ Secret Revealed in Video, Cashfloat Explains How to Make Big Savings on Your Payday Loan