Pareto Global Associates Review Positives of Face to Face Marketing after Poor Digital Marketing Report

It may be time for businesses to review their online customer service after a recent report claimed most businesses don’t understand how it works. Pareto Global Associates review the report’s findings and look at how direct marketing could help businesses change their approach to customer service.

The report indicated that about 80% of companies think they’re doing well at customer service but only 8% of their paying customers agree with this. Furthermore, some companies are genuinely dodging their customer service duties on social media. The survey shows that 20% are not responding at all to customer complaints being made via social media.

Pareto Global Associates remind businesses why responding to customer complaints and customer service in general is so important.

Dissatisfied customers are only going to get more dissatisfied.

38% of customers feel more negativity toward a brand that doesn’t respond quickly and 6 out of 10 will continue to take action to share their dissatisfaction.

Unhappy customers create a domino effect.

Irritated customers will encourage others to come out of the woodwork, resulting in a ton of similar complaints. This will then boil over into potential customers who see the complaints and express their concern about the product or service. With no interjection from the brand, things can easily spiral out of control. A response could set things right or ease the potential damage.

You have to meet your customers where they are.
Establishing your customers’ preferred method of contact may seem pointless to you if you already have established channels for assisting customers with refunds or official complaints but this isn’t about what’s easy for you it’s about what’s convenient for the customer.

You could lose revenue.

If you don’t respond to a customer’s query in a suitable amount of time that customer can and will take their money elsewhere where they receive better customer service.

It’s your reputation.

You should care how the customer views your brand. Helpful responses matter to current and potential customers. There might not be a quick fix to providing great customer service but there is a place to start. You need to listen, respond and research. Listen to your customer’s problem. Respond to any complaints you see. Research and provide them with the best solution. See if you can close the loop publicly so others can see you provided assistance.

Pareto Global Associates believes that direct marketing could be the answer to improving customer relationships. Direct marketing allows businesses to engage with customers through face-to-face interaction meaning that there is no delayed response time and customer complaints can be dealt with efficiently and immediately. This face-to-face engagement means that personal relationships can be built between consumer and brand and these relationships will improve the overall sales experience.

Pareto Global Associates is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm that take their clients’ products and services directly to their customers establishing a great rapport with them which then improves customer acquisition and brand loyalty. Pareto Global Associates have an incredibly strong focus on customer service. 

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