Pareto Global Associates Recommend F2F Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness And Sales

Last year, nearly three quarters of marketers failed to convert their marketing activities into substantial results for their business. Pareto Global Associates recommend face-to-face marketing as an effective tool to collect first-hand information from consumers and increase brand awareness and loyalty through building relationships.

According to an article by Ben Bold, published at Marketing Magazine on 23 January 2014, 70% of marketers failed last year to convert their marketing activities into tangible business results, such as increasing sales and market share ( Cyril Williams, Managing Director of Pareto Global Associates, explains that business owners need to achieve consistency in their marketing messages throughout all channels in order to be effective. He recommends all marketers to consider direct marketing as one of their essentials as it encourages consumers to remain loyal and recommend the brand to their family and friends, once a relationship and consumer care have been established on a face-to-face basis.

The study has been conducted by The Fournaise Marketing Group. For this research, 1,200 chief executives and management and marketing decision-makers across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia were questioned (

The research also found that 71% of marketers focused more of their campaigns on new media, in particular mobile, online and social ( Cyril Williams of Pareto Global Associates says: “New media channels are certainly important, however it may not be the right thing to believe that focusing on those and neglecting other, more traditional marketing channels will be the best way to achieve results.” Cyril Williams believes that firms should spend more time on research and getting to know their customers in order to target them more effectively.

Pareto Global Associates are an outsourced direct sales and marketing company based in Liverpool. The firm specialises on face-to-face sales and marketing and their sales force helps their clients raise brand awareness. “Our main focus is building relationships with potential customers”, explains Cyril Williams of Pareto Global Associates. “We take the time to introduce our clients on their behalf, explain their products and services with a smile and are there when people have questions. Our goal is to make people feel like they are talking to a friend”, adds Cyril Williams.

The direct sales and marketing firm has increased their clients’ sales by 54% in the past six months through building relationships and passing on first-hand feedback from consumers that could be taken into consideration immediately. Pareto Global Associates have helped increase their clients’ customer retention and are now planning to expand into further markets to satisfy their clients’ demand to represent them in several locations nationwide within the coming two years.

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Pareto Global Associates Recommend F2F Marketing To Increase Brand Awareness And Sales