Pareto Global Associates: Britain’s Entrepreneurs Will Benefit if UK Remains Part of EU

Following a new report by CBI, staying in the European Union is worth between 4% to 5% of UK annual output and in the best interest of the UK’s entrepreneurs.

Pareto Global Associates is calling the government to stay in the EU in order to enhance the economic recovery. “British businesses will benefit more if the UK remains a part of the European Union,” says Cyril Williams, Managing Director of Pareto Global Associates. In fact, according to the CBI report, the EU membership is worth £62-78billion to the UK. John Cridland, CBI’s Director General, says: “We have looked beyond the political rhetoric to examine the pros and cons of EU membership and British business is unequivocal; the single market is fundamental to our future” (

British businesses are the heart of the economic recovery. Therefore, Cyril Williams of Pareto Global Associates is of the opinion that the British government should reconsider their relationship with Europe. “First of all, we need to think about the British population,” says Cyril Williams. Danny Alexander, Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to Treasury, explains that the UK will be better off in a reformed EU than outside with no influence at all. He also states that every year, the EU membership is worth £3,000 to every household in this country ( “Looking at the results of the CBI report, it becomes clear what a difference the EU membership will make for Britain’s economy,” adds Cyril Williams. “A growing economy will bring more confidence to entrepreneurs, which in the end gives an additional boost to Britain’s currently rather slow recovery.”

Cyril Williams of Pareto Global Associates also believes that the UK’s economic situation is closely observed internationally. In fact, on Danny Alexander’s last visit to India at the end of October, he was told that the EU membership was one of the reasons why the UK was an attractive place to invest ( “This compelling report makes a powerful business case for the UK’s continued membership of the EU,” explains Danny Alexander.

The UK’s slowly but steady recovering economy, business advice and funding schemes provided by the government have recently led to the growing confidence for British entrepreneurs. Cyril Williams of Pareto Global Associates insists that remaining in the UK will accelerate growth. Shadow Minister for Europe Gareth Thomas states: “The CBI’s report clearly shows that the business community doesn’t want to see Britain sleepwalk out of the EU...David Cameron is willing to put this at risk because his approach to Europe is based on narrow party interest, not Britain’s national interest” (

Pareto Global Associates is a direct sales and marketing company based in Liverpool. Entrepreneur Cyril Williams provides advice and guidance to new entrepreneurs who are planning to start up their own business. Pareto Global Associates have seen an increase of start-ups over the past year and will be watching the development of Britain’s relationship with the European Union to gain insight to what the future will hold.


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