P3 Pickleball Founder, Johan Middelthon, Ignites Hearts and Courts with Pickleball Romance Novel, Reignited Passions

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[Charlotte, North Carolina] - P3 Pickleball and StoryTerrace proudly announce the release of Reignited Passions, the much-anticipated debut novel by Johan Middelthon, renowned pickleball instructor, and founder of P3 Pickleball. As the Director of the North Carolina Pickleball Association and the author of the groundbreaking Don't Shark the Dolphins: A Guide to Pickleball and the P3 Way Of Life, Middelthon brings a sexy and unique blend of passion and pickleball expertise to the world of romance literature.

Reignited Passions is the first installment of the P3 trilogy, a spirited exploration of love's resilience set against the backdrop of the pickleball world. Middelthon, known for his revolutionary approach to the sport and the P3 way of life, seamlessly weaves together the intensity of romance with the dynamic energy of pickleball.

About the Author:

Johan Middelthon is more than an accomplished author; he is a visionary in the world of pickleball. As the lead instructor and founder of P3 Pickleball, Middelthon has dedicated his career to transforming the sport and promoting a positive lifestyle. His first book, Don't Shark the Dolphins, offers a revolutionary perspective on pickleball and the P3 philosophy. In addition to his contributions to the sport, Middelthon founded the first pickleball recycling program at P3 Pickleball and established the non-profit P3 Cares to expand the program across the United States. As a tireless advocate for the environment, Middelthon travels across the country hosting clinics and teaching private lessons, embodying the P3 lifestyle both on and off the court.

About Reignited Passions:

In Reignited Passions, Middelthon presents a captivating narrative where the swift movements on the pickleball court mirror the intricate steps of love. Protagonists Jennifer and Sebastian, once masters of the dance of passion, find themselves entangled in a web of emotions and life's challenges. The novel explores their journey as they navigate the pickleball courts and the maze of their feelings in and out of the kitchen, unveiling a tale where love, secrets, and the pursuit of happiness collide.

As the first volume in the 0-0-2 series, Reignited Passions is a fun and poignant exploration of love's resilience in the face of adversity. Middelthon masterfully crafts a narrative that fuses the intensity of romance with the spirited world of pickleball, creating a storytelling experience unlike anything currently in the romance market. Reignited Passions is a story that lingers long after the final point is scored, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next installment of the P3 trilogy.

Global Market Statistics:

Pickleball has seen a significant increase in popularity over recent years. With more than 36 million players worldwide and a dedicated fan base, the pickleball market continues to expand, offering a unique niche for literature that intertwines the sport with other genres, such as romance.

Similarly, the romance novel market remains a global powerhouse with an estimated 47 million units sold worldwide over the past year. As one of the most lucrative genres in the publishing industry, romance novels consistently capture the hearts of readers across diverse demographics.

Reignited Passions is poised to capture the hearts of both pickleball enthusiasts worldwide and romance novel devotees, offering a one-of-a-kind reading experience that transcends genres.

Reignited Passions is now available for purchase at all major online book retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About P3 Pickleball:

P3 Pickleball is a leading organization dedicated to promoting the positive lifestyle of pickleball through innovative approaches to the sport. Founded by Johan Middelthon, P3 Pickleball focuses on community engagement, environmental sustainability, and creating an inclusive space for players of all levels. For more information, please visit https://www.p3pickleball.com/


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